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    Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    I m persuing BSc (H) Maths from St Stephens college Delhi.I stay in Bahadurgarh (Haryana). This year will be my IInd year.I want to appear for UPSC Exam 2015
    after my graduation taking Maths as One of the paper.But as I m from science background I need hard preparatipn for
    GENERAL STUDY PAPERS. How should I start ? Are 2 years sufficient? Should I take coaching, notes etc.
    Please guide me...Sir!
    regarding upsc exams

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    hare_rama Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    Yes two years good and smart preparation will help you to achieve your goal.
    And for general studies paper you can refer the good books which are referenced for it and therefore following other tips are there:

    1.Read newspaper daily and take note of important news.

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    Vatsal Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    yes 2 years preparation is sufficient enough for upsc preparations.,
    start reading newspaper and updating your knowledge.solve question papers of general studies.
    all the best
    happy learning!!!

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    hi Friend,

    Yes, 2 Years Preparation is enough for UPSC Exam.

    >> If preparation is done with Full Concentration and Time Management then 2 years are more than enough.

    >> But It is necessary to read NCERT Books for Preparation of Civil Services exam.

    If you not considering Main source of information then how can you solve exam?

    >> Please Read NCERT books for the preparation of Civil Services Exams.

    >> You can easily get the NCERT books from market.

    >> It is also available on the Internet as ebooks.

    For Download NCERT ebooks from Internet Please visit www.Mrunal.org website.

    All the Best

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    Ravikumar Sinojia Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    Msc Mathematics can help you a lot to get in CS. 2 years preparation should be sufficient for you as you are doing graduation.

    Preparation may vary from person to person because of grasping power.

    As you are in delhi, there are lots of classes of IAS present there, you can take advantage of that if possible.

    Coaching is to guide you for exam, it doesnt mean that you have coaching so you can surely get through it. I would tell you to go in steady pace as you are in graduation now. you have enough time.

    Do well all the best.

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    end of query Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    According to the experts and the chief mentors of the coaching institutes, it is been clear that a regular and devoted and dedicated preparation of 2 years is needed in order to clear the IAS exam. You need to be very sound in all the topics which you have chosen. Moreover, your knowledge of the current affairs must be very good in order to get selected in this exam because more or less the rankings of the upsc depends on the knowledge of the current affairs only

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    beniwal Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    It is nice that You want to join UPSC exam.

    To join UPSC exam,you must be graduate. Appearing in final year candidates are also Eligible.

    There is no Percentage requirement.

    Your age should be between 21-30 yeas.
    You must be more hard work to crack this exam.

    UPSC exam consist;-

    Civil services Preliminary exam, Mains exam and Interview.

    Preliminary exam consist;-

    General studies I-200 marks -2 hours duration

    General studies 2-200 marks-2 hours

    You have to start Preparation from now for General studies.

    2 years is long times, you can do this in one year also.

    You have to Increase your GK as well as manage your preparation with current study.

    Therefore start watching TV news and Reading newspaper daily.

    Know very well current affairs and Indian history as well as as politics.

    develop communication skills.

    Always Think Positive.

    Civil services Mains exam Essay, English papers, your choosing Language papers, General studies and your optional subjects papers.

    You have to also practice for English also.

    Therefore join any best coaching center.

    You can also Take coaching center notes also for Preparation.

    Besides 2 years, 1 years is sufficient.

    Never Give UP

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    raju22711 Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    You are in II year of your graduation.

    You want to apply for UPSC IAS exam.

    In your Final year of graduation you can apply for UPSC exam.

    Your age needs to be between 21 and 30 years.

    If you want to prepare for the exam from now then you can make good prepration in 2 years.

    You should once take coaching from good institute.

    They will make you able to think like an UPSC aspirant.

    Your own dedication towards study will play important role.

    So do not worry and start preparing from now.

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    saini sahab Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?


    It is really great to see you that you are so much interested in IAS .

    It depends upon you that how much time you require for the preparation of IAS exam.

    It depends upon you ability that how fast you learn the things .

    You are a science student then it is obvious that you are a intelligent person so you can learn the difficult things very easily than other students.

    From my point of view 2 years is enough time for you for the IAS preparation.

    You can join coaching classes if you are facing any type of difficulty in your preparation.

    Thank you.

    Best of Luck...

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    B.K. Tyagi Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    hi aspirant
    it depends on ur resolution to crack it.

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    made4u Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?


    first of all your interest about upsc is great.

    >> i know time is money and you have problem with time only.

    >> i can say that if your have enough time for upsc then 2 hr of smart studies is enough .

    >> otherwise if your are near to finish your graduation then you have to prepare minimum 4 hr.

    >> because this is totally new for you and there are so many compititors are there.

    >> so just decide your goal and then do smart study .

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the very best

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    Ravikumar Sinojia Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    yes it should be sufficient as you are graduate student and having high grasping power at this point of time.

    I will suggest you to go for coaching as well because coaching guides you as per the need of the UPSC exam. but actual work should be yours only.

    Mathematics is also important subject for preparation of UPSC. you can not avoid it because in general studies no optional subject is present. they can ask you anything.

    Do well.

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    tarungupta_16 Array
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    Smile Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?


    It is very good to see that you are so much concerned about your career.
    Carry on with the same spirit in the future as well.

    See,to be honest,it all depends on you.
    2 years is quite some time.
    I will suggest you to start your preparations from now only.
    Form a time table where you allot some time for UPSC exam preparations.
    If you want,you can also take coaching classes for preparations.
    But keep in mind one thing that it is the self study and the amount of hard work that you put after going back home is really what matters.
    Revise all the notes given by the teachers at the coaching centre.
    Keep doing hard work and burn your night lamps!

    For G.K,you should read newspapers,magazines and other books on regular basis.
    Try to be more aware about your environment and slowly you'll see that your G.K will improve!


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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    dear this is totally depend on you . that what is right for you that mean you stay for two year or not .
    if you want to stay then you do it .
    but i think that is not a way for you . and you have to apply for this in appearing in final year in your graduation
    because if you selected in upsc exam right now than it is good for you that you get benefit in promotion and you go higher .
    because for this age is the effective matter in upsc . you select early than you get benefit as soon as possible .
    hope you understand that .

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    RSJ Array
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    Re: Is 2 years preparation sufficient for UPSC exams?

    friend, please note that# Generally one or two years are quite enough for the preparation of the UPSC Examination.# You have to planned your preparation in a systematic way and implement it efficiently.# You should focus more on NCERT Books in the preparation.# You have to keep updating yourself with latest events of national and international level by go through the newspapers daily.# Success in the examination depends upon how much time and hard work devoted by you.# You must join the coaching institute atleast once as they will enhance your knowledge and clear the doubts & basic concepts.# Always thinks positive. Be optimist. Remove all the negative thoughts from the mind.

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