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    Am I eligible for Indian Engineering Services having problem with one of my eyes (can't see with left eye)? Will I be able to clear all the rounds of recruitment?

    Hello Friends.....my name is Omprakash, i have done my B.E. (Mechanical ).....i have started preparing for Indian Engineering service....i am desperate to clear this exam.......

    The only problem with me is my left eye.....i can't see through my left eye, before 6 year back i have gone through eye surgery for catarest, Doctors sad that, this is a small operation and after this you can see....but what happen is, i am unable to see from my left eye even after operation......my right eye is ok..

    I have read the UPSC gazette.....and not under the category of Physically handicapped....as they require more than 40% disability....so can,t go in quota of Phy. handicapped.

    Can any friend pls. let me know, if am eligible to become an Indian Engieering servant ??.......my aim is to became an governemt servant.
    Is it worth preparing .......with one eye...????
    i will be thankful ....if you reply...please

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