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    Any latest example questions for UPSC interview?

    Any latest example questions for UPSC interview?
    thank u

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    Re: Any latest example questions for UPSC interview?

    Hi Aspirant,

    Questions which are generally asked in UPSC interview

    • Some initial questions are generally asked based on your bio-data; about your career choices and why exactly you want to opt for the civil services.

    • To start the interaction, the in IAS interview board generally ask a candidate to briefly describe about himself/herself.

    • Some questions are asked relating to your name. You might be asked some questions about the meaning of your name, surname, the reason for carrying a long surname or surnames if anybody has.

    • You should also prepare some important events on the year or the date of your birth. A big portion of the UPSC Interview questions are mainly from what you have filled in your form including your subjects, hobbies, service preferences etc. Thus you are supposed to put more emphasis on the interview as a test of logic and presentation and awareness rather than a pure subject knowledge.

    • You need to reasearch well on your hobby that you mention on your biodata. Questions are asked on the reason for your pursuing such a hobby.

    • You are supposed to be aware of the hot topics of the present world. You will be asked on some burning issues and you will be judged your opinions regarding the same. Thus you need to have a fair base on the current topics as well as an analytical mind to answer the interview board.

    • Questions are asked on your profession/professions also if you have had any. If you are a doctor, than you might be asked questions on any ongoing health issues. If you have an economy background, than you might be asked questions on the current economic scenario. The board may also ask you about the applicability of your current profession in the civil services. So, you are supposed to prepare well on all the possible questions relating your past and present careers.

    • Some situational questions may also crop up in the interview. As for example, the interviewers may ask you a question throwing a situation in front of you and they would ask you how you would be dealing with the particular situation. The question might be something like if you were the Collector/SP of Ajmer, Rajasthan, what would you do after the bomb blast in the city? So, you are supposed to develop an analytical and foreseen thinker mind to face the IAS interview.

    • UPSC Interview questions range from the questions about your choice of subjects to why you want to join the civil services. Thus, a thorough and overall polish up of your career and personality as a whole are to be considered when you prepare for the IAS Interview.

    Best of Luck…

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