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    Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?

    suggest few books which are best for english and gk sections of SCRA exam

    thank you..

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    Re: Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?

    Dear if you are thinking to prepare for SCRA examination with the help of some good and selected books then it's good for your preparation but it is not best way to prepare for SCRA competitive exams because there are so many candidates sits every time for this exams and gets qualified because they have a lot of preparation and a lot of practice that's why they gets qualified easily and somebody thinks that we can qualify this examination so that dear i would like to tell you the secret of those candidates who easily gets qualified in the exam because - they go to the coaching institutes, gets material of that coaching institute, practice hard in the coaching and home too, sits in other competitive exams related to UPSC board, practice hard at home with the help of various books so that you also have to do that and prepare for this exam for at least 12-14 hours everyday, if you seriously wants to get qualified and if possible then you should not hesitate to join any very good coaching institute for this exam because the coaching institutes are the best source to provide you the enough guidance for this exam and they would tell you that how to achieve your target so that dear you should go to the coaching institute and you may use following books to prepare for this exam

    R. Gupta's
    RS Agrawal - Quantitive Aptitude
    Sunil Verma & M.K. Dixit
    Dr. Lal and Jain
    Dr. Sushi Verma - Arihant Publication
    Oswal - Chapter Wise Solution for each topic of the syllabus

    Examination Pattern for Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam

    Paper I - General Ability Test - GK, English and Psychological test - 2 hours duration and contains 200 marks

    Paper II - Physical Science - Physics and Chemistry - 2 hours and contains 200 marks

    Paper III - Mathematics/Quantitive Aptitude/Numerical Ability - 2 hours and contains 200 marks

    Total marks - 600

    I have attached some question papers and syllabus for this exam please download and prepare well for examination

    All the best

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    Re: Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?

    Dear Friend

    SCRA stands for the Special class Railway apprentice examinations.

    The list of best books For the SCRA examinations is as below:

    Note: Kindly try to solve the all previous year questions papers as much as time possible as it will give idea about the type of questions that are asked in the entrance examinations.

    Self study plays a vital role in these type of examinations.Do hard as the competition is very tough .there are very few seats but the aspirants are very large in comparison to seats.

    Never lose your confidence and think positive.

    Hope the books will help you in your preparation.

    all the best


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    Re: Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?

    dear frnds,

    For GK Patrika Darpan is the best and for English section General English is best...So, keep continuous study.

    Jeet Masih

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    Re: Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?

    Best Books for SCRA Examination :-

    Guidebook For SCRA Examination With Solve Papers by Sushil Verma / M K Dikshit / R K Agarwal
    Publisher :- Arihant Publications

    Solved Papers and Mock Tess for SCRA Examination by Expert Compilations
    Publisher :- Arihant Publications

    A Practice Workbook For SCRA Exam by Sachchida Nand Jha
    Publisher: UPSCPORTAL Publications

    UPSC SCRA Special Class Railway Apprentices Examinations by R. Gupta's
    Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House

    The Pearson Guide To The SCRA Examination by Edgar Thorpe, Showick Thorpe
    Publisher: Pearson

    UPSC SCRA Special Class Railway Apprentices Examinations by R. Gupta's
    Publisher :- Ramesh Publishing House

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    Re: Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?

    You can refer following books-

    1 For GK follow pratiyogita darpan ( magazine )

    2 For English there are many books but some of them are very good such as-

    Ren & Martin School grammar

    Communication and business writing by Ashraf rizvi

    General English by S Chand publication

    3 Current affairs by Made easy publications

    You can refer NCERT books also as this exam is conducted just after or during 12th so they will ask +2 level grammar ang English writting part only.

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    Re: Best books for SCRA GK and English sections?



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