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    Best branch in B.Tech for IAS preparation?

    best branch in b.tec for ias preparation
    sir ihad complited my intermediat and looking for btec and iam interested in civils please guid me the best branch in b.tec

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    Re: Best branch in B.Tech for IAS preparation?

    Dear candidate if you have made your intension to prepare for civil services in future and wants to become an IAS officer then you may choose any degree course or any subject in your graduation because you would get the profit of your specialization subject in the mains exam means there is no advantage of our subject in preliminary exam and all candidates are eligible to apply for mains exam only on one condition which is - Preliminary exam should be qualified by the candidate by securing minimum qualifying marks decided by the UPSC board and there are following subjects available and you may choose any two subjects from the following list :

    Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
    Civil Engineering
    Commerce and Accountancy
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medical Science
    Political Science and International Relations
    Public Administration

    Dear there are three engineering relevant subjects in the mains exam so that you may choose any one of them as your specialization subject and prepare for the exam and i would like to say that if you are going to any good coaching institute for the preparation then you don't need to worry about the exam but only care about study and preparation and as you have completed your 12th class then you have 2 years to prepare for this exam and when you come in final year so that you should apply and try to get qualified in the exam.

    All the best

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    Re: Best branch in B.Tech for IAS preparation?

    Dear Friend

    This is the common problem with a lots of aspirants and you are also one of them.Please understand what I mean to say in the following given lines:

    First of all know your strength,the field in which you are interested then select your branch of B.tech.It is not that some particular branch will lead to you success.Every branch is equally good and has lots of scope.

    It totally depends upon your interested in which you feel secure because you will only do good in a particular field if you enjoy in that field.

    So I would request you to kindly select your branch which will be beneficial to you in long term.

    Now coming to civil services examinations,it is the one of the best examinations for any one .Almost every candidate desire to compete it but very few compete due :

    1.Wrong selection of subjects.

    2.Insufficient labour

    3.Lack of courage and determination.

    Since from the first year ,try to make a routine that includes at least two hours for the civil services examinations.Try to make a habit of reading news papers and general knowledge books.

    Go through the previous year question papers of civil services that will give you an idea of what type of questions are asked in it.

    I hope if you will work hard and will achieve your goal.

    all the best


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    Re: Best branch in B.Tech for IAS preparation?

    Re: Best branch in B.Tech for IAS preparation?


    you are preparing for B.Tech its very nice.but
    you need study more and more for batter result.and
    you need lot of confidence.
    you know the your ability.

    for IAS preparation select you branch of B.Tech.
    it is some particular branch will lead to you success.
    all branches are equally good.

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