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    Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    thank you..

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    Dear Friend

    IAS stands for Indian Administrative services.It comes under civil services examination.The list of best coaching centers in India are as below.You can select your desired from the given list according to your convenience.

    1.Rau's IAS academy

    2.Chankya's IAS academy

    3.Vajiram and Ravi IAS academy

    4.Career Launchers

    5.IAS study circle

    6.Reddy IAS study circle

    7.Schadeva P.T college

    8.Analog Institute

    9.P.N Raj IAS

    10.Eklavya IAS academy

    11.Synergy Study point

    12.Centre for civil services

    These institutes are located in different parts of India.You can choose according to your locations

    Hope the information helps you.

    all the best


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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    List and Name of the top 10 IAS or Civil Services coaching Institutes in India - 2012-13 - Ranking

    1. Analog Institute for - UPSC Civil Service Exams

    2. IAS Study Circle - UPSC - IAS Coaching Institute

    3. IAS Academy - UPSC Board - IAS and other Civil Services Exams

    4. Chankya IAS Academy - UPSC IAS Preparation coaching Institute

    5. Center for Civil Services - UPSC Board All Civil Services exams coaching Institute

    6. DISC IAS Study Circle - IAS Preparation

    7. Hyderabad Study Circle - IAS and all other Civil Services Exams conducted by UPSC Board

    8. Madhu's IAS Informatics - Coaching Institute for the preparation of IAS exams

    9. P N Raj IAS Study Center

    10. Reddy's IAS Study Circle

    11. Rangaraya IAS Academy

    12. Target IAS Coaching Institute for IAS pre and mains and interview

    13. Vishakha IAS Study Circle

    All above mentioned 13 Coaching Institutes are best to prepare for IAS exams in India

    Eligibility for IAS exam 2013

    A bachelor degree in any discipline from a recognized university with at least 50% marks

    Age should be between 21-30 years and relaxation in age as per government guidelines

    5 years upper age relaxation for SC/ST and 3 years upper age relaxation for OBC category

    Number of Attempt the exams as category wise :

    General Category - 4 Times

    OBC Category - 7 Times

    SC/ST - Unlimited but only till 35 years of age

    All the best

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    dear Friend.

    IAS stands for Indian Administration Services. It is not an exam, it is a post which you can get after clearing Civil Services Exam which is conducted by UPSC every year.

    Eligibility Criteria For Civil Services:

    1. You need to complete or Appearing in final year of graduation in any field.
    2. Age Limit:
    • General: 21 years to 30 years
    • OBC: 21 years to 33 years
    • SC/ST: 21 years to 35 years
    Best Coaching Institutes for Civil Services:
    1. Rau's IAS study Circle
    2. Carrier Launcher
    3. Khan Study group
    4. Chanakya IAS Academy
    5. Vaji Ram and Ravi IAS study center
    6. Reddy's IAS study circle
    7. Carrier Shapers
    Good Luck.......

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service.

    Top Ten Coaching Centers in India -

    1.Royal IAS Academy.
    2.Destination IAS Academy.
    3.Lord Krishna IAS Academy.
    4.Hamdard IAS Study Circle.
    5.Chirst UPSC Academy.
    6.Dronacharaya IAS Academy.
    7.Sure Success Academy.
    8.Shankar IAS Academy.
    9.Disha competitive CLASSES.
    10.Lakshya IAS Academy.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    Friend, I am going to provide to you the names of few prominent coaching centre for IAS Exam herebelow: * Khan Study Circle * Brilliant Tutorial * Rau's IAS Study Circle * Chanayakya IAS Academy * Royal IAS Academy * Career LauncherWISH YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.


    Best IAS Coaching Institutes in India:

    This list contains the names of the top civil services coaching institutes in India.

    Vajiram and Ravi IAS Study Centre
    Rau's IAS Study Circle
    Delhi's IAS Study Circle
    Sachdeva New P.T. College
    Chanakkya IAS Academy
    Reddy's IAS Study Circle

    Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Andhra Pradesh:

    This list contains the names of top Civil Services Coaching Institutes in Andhra Pradesh.

    Analog institute
    IAS Study Circle
    IAS Academy
    Chanakkya IAS Academy
    Centre for Civil Services
    DISC IAS Study Circle
    Hyderabad Study Circle
    Madhu's IAS & Informatics
    P N Raj IAS
    Reddy's IAS Study Circle
    Rangaraya IAS Academy
    Target IAS
    Visakha IAS Study Circle

    Thank you....

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    Best coaching centers' for ias :-

    >>khan study circle.
    <<lakshya ias academy.
    <<royal ias academy
    <<brilliant tutorial
    <<rau's ias study circle
    <<shankar ias academy
    <<christ upsc academy

    thank you,

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    List of the Best IAS coaching center in India

    Sathya IAS Academy

    Excel Career India

    Ganesh IAS

    Indian IAS Academy

    Ganesh IAS

    Shankar IAS Academ

    Impact Ias Academy

    Synergy Siddharth

    Success IAS Academy

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    Re: Best coaching centers for IAS exam.

    Hi friend,

    ias-indian administrative service

    best coaching centres for ias exam:

    New delhi:

    1.ujjwal ias academy

    2.institute of mathematical science

    3.lord krishna ias academy

    4.classic ias academy

    5.khan study group


    1.paradigm ias academy

    2.a.a.shah's ias institute

    3.lakshya ias academy

    4.sankalp ias

    5.udaan competitive institute


    1.sathya ias academy

    2.shankar ias academy

    3.indian ias academy

    4.sura's ias academy

    5.eva stalin ias academy


    1.achievers ias classes

    2.the ias forum

    3.jts institute

    4.sri padmavathi tutorials for ias

    5.prof b.r.a. Rao's institute

    prepare well

    all the best

    regards srilekha

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