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    Best scoring optional subjects for engineering graduates?

    Best scoring optional subjects for engineering graduates?
    thank u

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    Re: Best scoring optional subjects for engineering graduates?


    the best scoring optional subject for the civil service exam is like as the

    1. public adminstartion
    2. sociology
    3. History
    4. Political Science
    5. Geography.

    Mostly the arts subject is the highest scoring subject.
    you took one subject from your graduation subject which is interesting for you.

    according to your graduation stream

    the highest scoring subject is the
    3.electronics etc

    for more information touch with the www.upsc.gov.in

    best of luck for the exam

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    Re: Best scoring optional subjects for engineering graduates?

    - Choice of optional subjects depends on your interest.
    - You should be confident with the subjects you choose.
    - If you belong to Civil/Mechanical/Electrical branch then you have an advantage of choosing Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering subject as your one optional subject.
    - If you are from other branch then you can choose between Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics.
    - You can also choose History/Geography if you are confident to crack at one go.
    - For preparation of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics you can refer NCERT books of class XI & XII which you are already familiar

    For recommended books of UPSC visit http://www.upscportal.com/civilservices/order-books
    You can get previous years question papers of all UPSC exams from http://www.upsc.gov.in/questionpaper/

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    Re: Best scoring optional subjects for engineering graduates?

    Dear friend,

    first let me tell you there is no scoring optional in upsc exam.upsc is trying to maintain utmost balance between various optionals.

    No optional is safe or unsafe.it is the level of your preparation which makes its safe or unsafe

    optionals should be taken based upon your interest in the subject,availabity of study materials,proper guidance,syllabus etc

    the most popular subjects taken are geography,history,sociology,political science,pub ad,psychology etc..

    You decide after considering your interest.

    All the best

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    Re: Best scoring optional subjects for engineering graduates?

    dear friend,

    choice of optional subjects should be made on the basis of your knowledge and your interest in the subjects. so i would recommend you to choose those optional subjects which belongs to your field.

    as you said you are from engineering back ground so you might have good knowledge of Math and Physics subjects.

    So according to my viewpoint you must choose Mathematics and Physics as your optional subjects .

    if you does not want to choose core subjects like mathematics and Physics then you can choose Arts Subjects like Geography and Indian History as your optional subjects. These are also easy to Understand and easy to crack.

    Good Luck....

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