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    Can IAS/IPS officers eradicate corruption in India?

    Can IAS/IPS officers eradicate corruption in India?

    thank you..

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    Re: Can IAS/IPS officers eradicate corruption in India?

    Of course friend IAS and IPS officer can eradicate corruption in India. even we can also eradicate corruption.

    but it is not so easy because we are not aware.

    We also inspire the corruption because we don't want to stay in line.

    We always give some extra money to get the service easily and at priority and our this mentality start the corruption.

    And one other problem is that we can see the other's corruption but we ignore our corruption.

    So friend we need to support IAS and IPS officer to eradicate corruption, Then they can remove it from our country.

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    Re: Can IAS/IPS officers eradicate corruption in India?

    dear aspirant,

    yes, of course IAS/IPS officers eradicate corruption. IAS/IPS

    officers are government officials appointed for the help of people.

    They have powers to deal with corruption. Even we can also helps to

    eradicate corruption. We just need to not to give bribe for any work

    and we have to complain against corrupted officials.

    We have to stand against the corruption.

    Good Luck......

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    Re: Can IAS/IPS officers eradicate corruption in India?

    Yes my dear,
    IAS/IPS officers can eradicate corruption from India. Even we also eradicate corruption from India. If we do our duties carefully and follow all rules. We always want a shortcut for success and this is the cause of corruption. if we fulfill all requirement for any job or any work than we do not need to give money or any approach. So my dear we are responsible a lot of corruption.


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