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    Did UPSC pattern change of Mains exam constituted any tension among aspirants who are appearing this year?

    i am going to write upsc after two years or so.. i want to know the reactions among aspirants after changes in upsc pattern of mains which is confirmed by the recent
    notification.. how did they felt?

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    Re: Did UPSC pattern change of Mains exam constituted any tension among aspirants who are appearing this year?

    Dear Aspirant
    Change in pattern of any examination will obviously effect student preparation and they don't want it
    But if you look at the new pattern then you see it has been designed in such a way that students who are really interested for civil services get entry.
    Preliminary exam checks your aptitude towards being an officer.Then main exams assess your ideas on current issues of national and international importance ,youe moral ethics,your subject knowledge.So some students might have felt embarrassing but it has been done for and most of them had like it

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    Re: Did UPSC pattern change of Mains exam constituted any tension among aspirants who are appearing this year?

    After introducing change at the Preliminary level of the exam (inclusion of Aptitude paper in place of an optional subject), UPSC is contemplating bringing changes at the level of the Mains examination as well. It is seriously examining the proposal of including compulsory papers (the idea of compulsory papers is to test all aspirants on a level playing field and in the syllabus/subject matter which is relevant with the job profile of civil servant) in place of optional papers. All optional subjects will be replaced by compulsory papers for all. Changes could be incorporated from the year 2013 or later. Basically, UPSC has not officially indicated at any date of implementation of changes yet.

    Another thing here is that UPSC has released the calendar of examination for 2013. It is being strongly believed by everyone that there would be no change this year (2013) because of the way the calendar of examination (2013) looks. Even though UPSC has not made any change in the date-sheet/duration over which it conducts the various papers of the Mains examination (which goes to suggest that there might not be any change in the Mains exam) it has pushed back the date at which Mains commences every year by a month (which could suggest that UPSC is buying time to push for changes).

    Again, nothing can be said because UPSC has not cleared anything yet. We’ll all have to wait to hear something officially from UPSC. In case UPSC still plans on bringing about the change, it should notify it in public domain soon enough (maybe in October/November). Worst case scenario could also be beginning next year or at the time of notification itself.

    See. start your preparation in General Studies (the compulsory paper at Mains stage) because the themes of General Studies are relevant and should be retained by UPSC in some form or another. Along with that, pick an optional (not Psychology for the time being since it does not seem to have relevance/importance in the proposed pattern) which is important from civil services perspective (the knowledge in which is important to be tested) like Public Ad. Political Science, Sociology.

    Initiate preparation in maximum General Studies and 1 related optional subject and not more. We’ll pick up the 2nd optional later.

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