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    Differences between cess and surcharges?

    what is the differences between cess and surcharges?
    help me in understanding the above differences

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    Re: Differences between cess and surcharges?

    Dear friend

    Do not worry I will make you understand what is main difference between the two terms.Just read carefully the information provided by me given below:

    CESS is a British english and Hiberno english term for the tax.It is particularly applied to the local taxation and was official term used in Ireland when it was a part of of united kingdom of Great Britain and later on it was superseded by the rate .

    In Colonial India ,it was applied with qualifying prefix such as educational cess ,irrigation cess etc.

    In Scot land it refers to property tax.

    Now coming to the Surcharges

    Basically it mean additional charge or payment .As for example it is charged when paying with cheque,credit card ,debit card etc.It is the additional payment for the infrastructure and education.

    First calculate your income tax then surcharge on it and then pay the total amount.

    So from the above explanations you may be able to understands what is the basic difference that is cess is means tax and surcharge is the additional tax on any thing.

    Hope the given information helps you a lot.

    all the best


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    Re: Differences between cess and surcharges?

    Cess is actually another word for tax. Cess is applicable for any type of taxation like irrigation cess, education cess, property cess.
    Whereas, surcharge is the surplus charge or in other words, the extra charge levied when income exceeds the specified limits.

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