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    Give detailed explanation on what to study for General Awareness. Also attach last 5 years question papers of UPSC SCRA.

    want last five years question papers of upsc scra and detailed explanation of what to study for general awareness and how to prepare for it.

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    Re: Give detailed explanation on what to study for General Awareness. Also attach last 5 years question papers of UPSC SCRA.

    Dear if you want to prepare for general awareness section and wants to be well in GS then following statements are useful for you to get good command over general awareness

    >> GS is a subject which may never come under the knowledge of anybody in the world completely means there is no body in the entire world who could complete the GS because of many subjects

    >> GS has so many subjects as - History, Economy, Current Affairs, Science and Technology, Polity, Administration, Geography, etc. so the syllabus of general studies is not limited

    >> Because of having various subjects you can not command over each subject means if you are good at history, economy and geography then you would not be able to get complete knowledge about the science and technology because this subject is unlimited

    >> You should go to any good coaching institute because it is huge and to get enough knowledge about GS you need to be understood by those who are really well at GS because if you would study with the books then you can never get this but if you would write something on GS everyday and understand in the class then you would definitely get good command over this subject

    >> You should revise the General Awareness again and again whatever you study in the class or at home because revision is everything for you about every subject means if you have collected good knowledge of any subject but if you would not revise then you would forget everything about that so dear please you must revise everything before getting sleep at night

    >> You should read some books of general studies which are really helpful for you and you should buy those books which has no error otherwise you should avoid books

    >> You should keep in touch with internet because presently the Internet is the biggest and major source of the information in the entire world and almost every candidate who prepare for exams study by using internet but you should use those websites and search engines which provides accurate information as - British Encyclopedia because the wrong information is a virus in your knowledge

    >> You should purchase 2 different news papers everyday and study them carefully and in both papers, 1st paper should be nationalized and for that you can use - THE HINDU and second should be local news paper of your state which is good among more papers then study

    >> You should get at least half of your day to be prepared well in GS because you would have to study more syllabus so you need sometime and do not waste your time in other works and study GS

    >> You should watch television everyday for at least 1 hour and you should watch any good reputed news channel which is good about news of - current affairs, economy, India and world etc. because when you see somebody saying something then you may remember that person that what they have said to you and this is also a big part of learning and if possible then listen to news on radio

    >> You should visit some ancient and moderns places where the government has developed something because these parts comes under the geography and if you would see with your eyes then you would remember that for a long time or never forget

    >> You should keep in touch with those candidates, friends, teachers who are really having well and enough knowledge about the general awareness

    >> When you complete your study or during study you should check the level of your knowledge that what and how much you have prepared for general studies section and to check yourself, you should go to any coaching institute and join that for practice test on general awareness and solve previous years and model practice sets and when you complete the paper at least - 85% then you should think that you are good at GS because the left 10-15% part never comes under anybody's knowledge so that you should not think about that

    Dear i really expect that my detailed explanation would definitely help you out in the preparation of your exams and according to your kind request, i have attached some question papers of previous 4 years with my answer, please download all and prepare well for examination

    All the best
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    Re: Give detailed explanation on what to study for General Awareness. Also attach last 5 years question papers of UPSC SCRA.

    dear frnds,

    If you want to get details to study for General Awareness then I am telling you some points to study for General Awareness:-

    1. daily read newspapers and magazines n note down main points from them.
    2. daily give 1-2 hours for your study.
    3. be punctual of time.
    4. be honestly study n doing hard work.
    5. you can also use Patrika Darpan magazine for General Awareness.

    Jeet Masih

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