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    Guidance for the preparation of Civil Services Mains exam?

    Good morning sir,

    I need your guidelines for the preparation of Civil Services mains examination.so please guide me.

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    Re: Guidence for the preparation of Civil Services Mains exam?


    1)Time allocation/Time management is very important factor.
    2)Make your own schedule according to syllabus.
    3)Reduce your mental stress level.
    4)Be cool & confident always.
    5)Purchase standard & good books for preparation.
    6)Read news paper & magazine regularly.
    7)Keep yourself updated about general knowledge & current affairs.
    8)You may also attain coaching classes.
    9)Practice previous year question papers.
    10)Make your English communication level strong.

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    Re: Guidence for the preparation of Civil Services Mains exam?

    The IAS exam carries on 3 phases.

    Preliminary exam
    Main exam

    Preliminary exam is divided in to 2 papers.
    Each paper duration is 120 minutes.

    Main exam is divided in to 9 papers.
    Each paper duration is 180 minutes.

    Final Phase is Interview phase.
    Candidates who have qualified in both the two above phases can apply for Interview.


    Guidance for preparation:-

    - As it is a tough entrance exam, you must have strong willing power to achieve success.
    - Reduce your mental stress level.
    - Always be cool & confident.
    - Read English news paper daily.This will broaden your English knowledge.
    - Know all about Indian politics , Indian History , Indian Geography , Indian Language , National & International affairs.
    - Broaden your general knowledge & decision making ability.
    - Choose optional papers very carefully according to your knowledge.
    - Manage time in examination.
    - Apply tricks to solve problems.
    - Clarify all your doubts.
    - English is a most important factor. So, learn new English words.
    - Enlarge your English vocabulary & communication skill.
    - Know all about your syllabus.
    - Read different types of general knowledge & essay books.
    - Practice all previous year question papers.

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    Re: Guidence for the preparation of Civil Services Mains exam?

    Now you have to start your preparation.
    You have to know the each every topic Basics
    You have to spend at least Six or seven hours for your preparation (practice)depending on your grasping power.
    You should spend more time Practice .
    Practice is key point of success
    You have practice more previous model papers.

    If any of your friends disturb you ,You have to say sorry i have a work and continue your preparation because time is very valuable for your preparation.

    Don't waste your time.
    You should maintain concentration from starting of your preparation to ending of exam.
    Concentration is the key roll to crack or solve any problems with in seconds.without proper concentration you can't do any thing.
    so you have to maintain good concentration and get a success in Exams.

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    Re: Guidence for the preparation of Civil Services Mains exam?

    since mains is a descriptive examination so, always study every topic in full detail and depth for the preparation of mains exam. focus only on your optional subject and study with full concentration and dedication.
    all the best
    happy learning!!!

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