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    How to balance engineering studies and IAS preparation simultaneously?

    I am in diploma's (engg.) 2nd year & will complete degree in after 4 years . I am confused about. Preparation plan. How to balance my engg. Study along with ias exam study. I want to continue my 1st position in diploma.So guide me about "what & how " to start study of UPSC? Will it affect my ranking? If yes then when should I start preparing?If no then guide under the light of exprcted changes in ias exam ......

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    Re: How to balance engineering studies and IAS preparation simultaneously?

    Dear Friend

    I appreciate your aim to become IAS officer in future.The problem that you are facing is that which lots of students suffer.Due to lack of time management ,candidates are unable to achieve your goal.

    But friend it is bitter truth that if you want to achieve some thing special ,you have to be different from other.There is motivational line which is as below:

    "The heights by great men reached and
    kept, were not attained by sudden
    flight, but they, while their companions
    slept, were toiling upward in the night."

    That is you have to make a strategy according to which you will have to work.Time management is one of the vital component of preparations.After having 8 hours of classes in engineering ,making assignments,practical copy etc it is very difficult for any one to prepare for some thing other.

    But if you want to achieve any thing special ,you have to make a unique routine which involves preparation for the civil services examinations at least two hours a day and fours in the weekend.

    Make habit of reading standard newspapers,watching news bulletin,reading magazines,try to be updated with the current affairs.

    Always motivate your self that you can do it.

    Never lose your confidence and be determined to your goal.

    Hope the information helps you.

    all the best


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    Re: How to balance engineering studies and IAS preparation simultaneously?


    It is a very good thing that you are so focused in your career and you want to complete your IAS along with your Engineering. It is a tough call to complete but remember to get something bigger then aim and the amount of hard work should also be bigger.

    The problem that you are facing is due to lack of time management which if not cured can still be be managed to a greater extent. All you need to do is to plan your day and week again .

    Here are some tips that can help you a lot :-

    1. First of all make a chart where you have to write which all topic you have to study
    2. Then start with the basics of IAS as well as with engineering subject also
    3. After that Start with the subject that sounds to hard to you
    4. Make a time table and give proper time to every subject
    6. Focus more on the hard subjects and also give time to the easy ones
    7. Do not hesitate to clear your doubts
    8. Read daily newspaper ( at least two)
    9. Solve mock test paper and sample paper
    10. One important thing is to focus more on Time management as it is important
    11. Never sleep till late in the morning
    12. Divide equal time in your time table
    13. Give weekends to the IAS if not half week.

    Hope it will help


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