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    How to build optimism towards Civil Services?


    how to build optism as a civil servant? to crack

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    Re: How to build optimism towards Civil Services?

    Dear Aspirant

    If you really want to become an IAS officers see the perks and power the civil officers enjoy.You could be among one of them.You will be the who will take major decisions for the upliftment of your area.You are among millions of India who has crack the most prestigious examination Civil Service Examination.

    You have to develop the attitude of reading general studies.It will be fun.If you relate to how they are effecting your surroundings.decisions taken by government effects on your life,in society like wise.You have to also develop a flare of writing.Don't think that your preparation is only for civil service examination.Civil service examination has been designed in such a way that if you prepare well it will develop your whole personality.

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