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    How can I prepare in short duration for UPSC CPF (A/C) exam?

    How can i prepare in short term for upsc cpf (a/c) examination please guide and provide sets on my email id - bablu.kumar69@rediffmail.com

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    Re: How can I prepare in short duration for UPSC CPF (A/C) exam?

    dear friend,

    yes, you can prepare for CPF exam in short duration. For that you have to do hard work with quality. You have to study 10 to 14 hours per day.

    Tips For preparation:
    1. Manage your time table.
    2. Go ahead according to UPSC syllabus for CPF exam.
    3. Study 6th to 12th NCERT books.
    4. Try to solve previous year papers. which is most important part of preparation.

    you can download papers from the following link:

    Good Luck........

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    Re: How can I prepare in short duration for UPSC CPF (A/C) exam?

    Go to www.upsc.gov.in to download upsc past questions and make sure you enrol in one of the best coaching centres around

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    Re: How can I prepare in short duration for UPSC CPF (A/C) exam?

    Hi Aspirant,

    It is 3 months remained in the execution of CPF exam.

    In this duration you will have to work hard for the preparation of CPF exam.

    As you know UPSC conducts CPF(AC) exam at all India level. So exam will be tough.

    You should study with full concentration approx 8 to 10 hours daily.

    Make your study time table and strictly follow that.

    Find out your week point and give special preference for the empowerment of that point.

    You should join coaching for mathematics, English and practice of essay writing.

    There you will get a competitive atmosphere and spirit.

    Donít get stress.

    You should study from reference books.

    Attempt to solve previous year question paper for understand exam pattern.

    Best of LuckÖ

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    Re: How can I prepare in short duration for UPSC CPF (A/C) exam?

    cpf is an important exam conducted by upsc and not so easy to crack. so have to pull up your socks to qualify this exam.

    Notification of Examination-May
    Conduct of Examination-October
    for the preparation of this first you have to mentally prepare your self that you are fully determined to crack this exam .
    you can take the advice of the persons who tried for this exam earlier .this advice can be of great motification for you and can be sort of help for your preparation process . mange your time well so that you can give proper time for the preparation of the exam apart from the other activities of yours .check the syllabus for the exam and maintain a proper line for your preparation.a well managed approach to the exam will led you to success.you can also take help of the official upsc site www.upsc.gov.in where you can find the previous year question papers for your reference that can be of great help.

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    Cool Re: How can I prepare in short duration for UPSC CPF (A/C) exam?

    [QUOTE=Mohit Bansal;24207][SIZE=3]dear friend,


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