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    How do I prepare for CDS(II) -OTA Interview? List of Coaching Institute for the same?

    Anybody who have cleared last year CDS(II) OTA Interview pls tell me how to prepare for CDS(II)-OTA Interview.Also post the questions asked during the interview so that future candidates can prepare well as me.It would be a great help for those preparing as they get an idea about what recruiters want.
    Also anybody know the details plz call me or mail me...
    Name : Raghul
    E-Mail ID: raghulrameshb@gmail.com
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    Re: How do I prepare for CDS(II) -OTA Interview? List of Coaching Institute for the same?

    hey friend you just have to study about yourself as they are going to ask all the questions about you only as on the day of arrival you have to fill a form called the personnel information questionnaire and you should remember that your whole interview is going to be based on that only so just work very hard about yourself as far as coaching is concerned you can get that from balnoi academy delhi or cavalier delhi both are very good academies so all the very best

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    Re: How do I prepare for CDS(II) -OTA Interview? List of Coaching Institute for the same?

    I will suggested you that you can prepare it with ownself without going to any coaching institutes BECAUSE they only want to know about rather tahn a perfect man they search forthe right man for the job as

    our legends like actor Amitabh bachan,ex-president APJ abdul kaalam,RAhul dravid all are rejected by SSB.

    here i am shortlisted few tips for SSB

    SSB is consist of two stages

    day-1 screening round
    a)intelligence paper for 17 min 50 question of very easy level
    b)intelligence paper-II same 17min 50 question
    c)picture percepction description test (ppdt)

    a blurred image shown to you for 30 secs then 10 min. given to write positive individual story

    after they give you break for 12-15 min. then called you mostly in the group of 10 acc. to chest number alloted you ,

    you have to narrate your story and come to the common conclusion

    thereafter screening result comes on the above basis,those selected will have to stay for the testing in phase-2

    for next 4 days

    in which you have three accessors
    2.group task officer
    3.interviewing officer

    all they give you marks in their respective field by conducting diffrent test

    thereafter you will got recommendation.

    BEST coaching institutes are
    1.olive green acedmy chandigarh
    2.baloni academy delhi
    3.cavelier delhi


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    Re: How do I prepare for CDS(II) -OTA Interview? List of Coaching Institute for the same?

    dear you need to join the perfect coaching centres for the same ......you can also refer to coaching centres of cavilier which provides sufficient coaching regarding the same ....best of luck

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    Re: How do I prepare for CDS(II) -OTA Interview? List of Coaching Institute for the same?

    Hi Aspirant,

    OTA stands for Officer Training Academy.

    Through CDS exam you can go to OTA.

    And UPSC conducts the Combined defense service exam for the officer post in Indian army every year.

    Eligibility for OTA

    You should be graduate from any recognized university

    You should be in age of 19 to 25 years

    No percentage of marks required for OTA exam

    You must be Indian.

    For the OTA interview you should prepare at home as well as in any coaching centre.

    You should have good communication skill with steller pronunciation.

    You can practice of interview infront of mirror.

    Keep attention to your eye contact.

    If you donít know the answer of any question. Politely refused to the intervier, but escape to give wrong answer.

    Be confident, because confidence is your biggest positive point which is also helpful to impress the interview.

    Best of LuckÖ

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    Re: How do I prepare for CDS(II) -OTA Interview? List of Coaching Institute for the same?

    Hello to anyone who is reading this and is preparing for CDS. Trust me, like you I also used to skim through the internet, hoping I'd get some good tips as to what on earth is SSB and how can one crack it! I cleared the SSB in my first attempt. I didn't go for any coaching. In my batch there were 100 people. 98% of them had taken coaching from one institute or the other. Eventually, only four were recommended. And guess what? Three of us had not taken coaching anywhere. When I later introspected as to how did I clear the SSB, I could figure out a couple of things where I was good. 1. Communication skills. 2. Follow the rules, whether during the GTO or any other task. I remember I had given just one idea during the PGT, but I did not break any rule. I was soft spoken, I did not yell at anyone in my group. I did not try to be 'bossy' (You will find many such people there). What I'm saying is that each task has its name. GTO means group tasks. So work in a group instead of being bossy. Similarly, there is command task. So work like a commander. 3. Don't lie and whatever you say during the interview, there must be logic and reason to back it. If you do not know something, politely say so. Don't make up stories.

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