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    How to face IAS exam having low memory power?

    about my memory and how to face the ias exam
    my memory is low but also i want to become an ias officer i m 17 years old my aim is to become an ias so how can i improve my memory so that i can face the ias exam........ now i m in puc 1 science..... please help me.....

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    Re: How to face IAS exam having low memory power?

    If your aim is to become an IAS and if you think that your memory is weak, then you should work on your memory. Get your brain used to the tough situation and try to study for around 5-6 hours daily and then increase the sitting power of yours accordingly. In an year you will be seeing a drastic change in your memory if you strictly follow the schedule

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    Re: How to face IAS exam having low memory power?

    Yes you can crack ias exam., just practice hard and study with lot of dedication and enthusiasm.
    No one is a born genius hardwork can make anyone genius.
    all the best for your bright future
    happy learning!!!

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    Re: How to face IAS exam having low memory power?

    Yes friend you can face the Civil Service exam and can crack it.

    Low memory is not the matter. You should work hard to increase your memory power.

    You should related the things and learn it for long time.

    Now you are in 17 years and first you should complete your graduation with good marks.

    Minimum education qualification for the civil service exam is 21 to 30 years.

    But you can start the preparation for the Civil Service exam from now.

    You should make your GS strong.

    Regularly read English news paper and competitive magazine.

    You can join any good institute for the preparation of civil service exam during the graduation.

    Practice previous year question paper to understand the exam pattern.

    For more info visit http://upsc.gov.in

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    Re: How to face IAS exam having low memory power?

    Friend, nothing is impossible in the world. You can crack the UPSC Examination through your hard work.As far as your weak memory is concerned, here below some tips to increase the memory power are given:# Make a scheduled for REVISION of the studied matter on DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY basis. As regular revision helps to keep memorise the studied matter effectively.# Take the Vitamin C rich diet. As Vitamin C rich diet helps in boosting memory power.# Make a habit of performing Yoga postures and Pranayams. As through specific pranayams like ANULOM VILOM PRANAYAM is much effective in improving respiratory & circulatory system of the body. And with the improvement in Respiratory & Circulatoru system in the body, our brain get more oxygen and more nutriend through blood. Thereby efficiency, memory & concentration of the brain is improved. Please note that our brain consume about 25 % of the oxygen taken inside by us through respiration and rest 75 % of oxygen is distributed all over the body.# You should also take the ALMOND daily. The quantity of almond taken should be depends upon your digestion power. So it should be decided by you yourself.# While studying, try to learn topics by making relation in them, by making mental picture and other shortcut tricks.

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