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    How to fill the NDA application form? My name is more than 30 characters.

    Problem With Name in NDA 2 Application form
    I want to apply for NDA 2
    examination. All things are all right
    but my name in 12th Examination
    Certificate is of 31 characters but UPSC NDA 2 form needs only 30 characters in
    Name column. What shall I do?

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    Vatsal Array
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    Re: How to fill the NDA application form? My name is more than 30 characters.

    if your name is more than 30 characters then write your first name and last name only and enclose a letter for seceretary upsc write your full name and the problem with the less space. and send this application alongwith your form.
    all the best
    happy learning!!!

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    manojbadoniya Array
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    Re: How to fill the NDA application form? My name is more than 30 characters.

    Dear this is really critical problem because UPSC board has decided the limit in the application form in name section and that limit is 30 characters and you may not enter characters more than 30 in that column so this problem can not be solved because the official application form for NDA examination is decided by the board and all instructions will work according to the coding that is given behind the application form so you may not enter your full name but you may do this :

    If you name has more than 30 character then you need to use only your Name and your Sir Name in that column because so many candidates are there who use various type of words and co-names in the name as - Kumar so you must remove that and if you are writing Mr. then you should avoid this also because this is taking your character capacity so try to use your original name and avoid extra character then you will be able to enter your full name in the application form and apply for NDA 2 successfully

    I have attached some previous years question papers and complete notification for this exam please download and get help in your preparation

    All the best
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