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    How to get prepared for IAS/IPS exam interview?

    how to get prepared for ias/ips exam interview?
    thank u

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    Re: How to get prepared for IAS/IPS exam interview?

    Before Interview preparation,you have to start preparation for IAS/IPS preliminary exam and Mains exam.

    After clearing these two exam,you will be called for Interview.

    You have to start Speaking English with others as like Interviewer.

    You must give your Interview in English mode.

    This will increase your Impression.

    You can take some tips from these following Books;-

    All the best....................

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    Re: How to get prepared for IAS/IPS exam interview?

    enhance your communication skills., prepare each and every question from your cv. see videos of ias interviews and take advice from experts in this field.
    all the best
    happy learning!!!

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    Re: How to get prepared for IAS/IPS exam interview?

    Hey friend,
    Every person who is facing IAS /IPS exam he or she just only asked about the interview .
    Because people can selected easily in IAS /IPS exam but they rejected in interview.
    So if you wanna prepare your interview then start prepare it .
    Try to communicate in english with people . go in GD .
    Also read newspaper and other GK books so you can improve your confident easily .
    I hope it will helpful for you.
    also try to be confortable and manner .

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    Re: How to get prepared for IAS/IPS exam interview?

    Dear Aspirant

    Qualifying in interview is easy but you need to be confident,well dessred like a gentleman.Do you know how you enter in the room that is also checked.You way of walking upto talking and your conversational skills,how effectively you communicate your ideas everything.The way of your talking to board members and you express your response on their part is also very vital.So in order to improve yourself in these fields you need to downlaod mock interviews videos.Download them from youtube and check what are the parameters on which students are assessed

    Now besides your behavioral aspects they also test sometime your subject knowledege or related to your academics which you have taken in your graduation.They will ask questions from them.You may be asked about if your optional paper is different from your graduation paper.They may ask for the reasons behind them.They may even ask simple question from your graduation paper.

    Sometimes questions are asked related to your profile like the city where you live and suppose some natural disaster happen like the Uttrakhand landslides and flood in Assam.If you belong to these places then they will ask question what should be the government steps to tackle them.If you are the DC what you have done like these.SO what I want to say be familiar with your surroundings where you have spent maximum of your timings.Intiative or recent development schemes related to your state and don't be afraid,be calm and give your answer in gentle way.Infact they check your opinion and your leadership quality.

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