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    How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?
    thank you...

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?


    today compition level is very high and if u know about the hard prepration then i tell u for 1 vaccancy there is 5000 form fill by candidates so u think how much u need for prepration . but dont hopeless if u regular in study and work hard then u get good marks in upsc and geet selected .
    - firstly decide the which exam you can give then know their pattern and syllabus.
    - prefer good books and notes.
    - you can also join any good coaching center or prepare in home by yourself.

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    dear friend,

    In UPSC exams there is large competition. So to get top ranks in UPSC exams you must prepare hard for the exams. you have to study 8 to 10 hours daily for the preparation of UPSC exams.

    first of all i want to make you clear that UPSC conduct various exams like Civil Services, NDA, SCRA, IES, CDS, CPF, CMS etc exam. So select the exam for which you want to apply and check your eligibility for corresponding exam.
    if you are eligible then you can apply for the exams.

    here i give you some tips for preparation for UPSC exams which might be helpful for you.

    1. Manage your Time table.
    2. Start your preparation according to your syllabus.
    3. study good study material.
    4. Read newspapers and magazines daily. it will make you up to date from current affairs.
    5. concentrate on improving GK and English.
    6. Solving previous year papers related to exam is always helpful.
    you can download papers from the following link:

    Good Luck........

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    1)Time allocation/Time management is very important factor.
    2) Make your own schedule according to syllabus.
    3) Reduce your mental stress level.
    4) Be cool & confident always.
    5) Purchase standard & good books for preparation.
    6) Read news paper & magazine regularly.
    7) Keep yourself updated about general knowledge & current affairs.
    8) Before starting preparation assess yourself by solving previous years question papers.
    9) According to your performance in various sections start preparing with the subject you scored least marks.
    10) Refer Standard books for preparation.
    11) Make your English communication level strong.

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    -You should take preparation for UPSC exams very seriously and prepare
    to give your best.It is one of the most competitive and toughest exams
    conducted in India.
    -Go through the previous years question papers to see the level of
    difficulty of the questions asked.
    -Also UPSC is a rank based exam ,a merit list is prepared after final selection.
    -It is not like other exams where minimum marks are prescribed as cutoff and one
    acieves it to pass.
    -The number of candidates are high & are increasing year after year as compared
    to the no. of seats to be filled.Only the top candidates in the merit list get the jobs.
    -Few good reasons to prepare well and dont take it lightly,competition is tough.

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    HI Guest,

    Preparation of UPSC Exams needs Basically 3 things:

    1. Focus

    2. Strategy &

    3. Patience

    Now,let me elaborate it.

    1. Focus: First of all you have to set up your mind regarding Exam. Don't confuse by applying in too many Exams.You have to stick with the Exam which you are going to appear in. Once you Decide what you want to be, same time you have made your base take preparation

    2. Strategy: Taking preparation blindly will not help you at all to crack UPSC Exams. First you have to understand the Whole Exam Pattern of the Respective Exam.
    Then find a reliable guidance. If you know anybody who have qualified Upsc Exams,then rush to him/her to take some proper advice.

    3. Patience: Last but not the least you have to keep patience.

    I Hope the above advice will greatly help you.

    Best of Luck & thanks.

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    Regular , systematic and also intellectual hardwork is required. ie smartwork.
    minimum 8 hrs of study a day. Study according to a well prepared schedule, covering the entire syllabus. Periodic Revisons is must, otherwise you will feel daunting task before the exam. Make your own notes while studying. Discussions with peers who prepare will help in better understanding.

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    Re: How hard should I prepare for UPSC exams?

    Dear friend,

    since you have not for which exam i will assume you are asking for civil services exam.

    civil services exam is one of the toughest in the world..so you should have utmost dedication to your preparation..

    preparation should be done daily and continuously.

    you should be ready to continuously work hard for atleast two years.

    you will definitely have hectic time ahead.

    you should split your day for different subjects snd daily study them religiously..

    you should have lot of patience as well..

    all the best

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