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    How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    how to start preparing for IAS?
    I am planning to prepare for IAS only with full dedication no matter how much time it'll take. where and how should i start preparations from? how much time does IAS required? plz help

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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?


    >>for preparation of the IAS exam, you need a minimum of two years of intensified

    >>and devoted study in order to get selected in the exam.

    >>A complete hold on all the subjects which are there in the upsc exam is needed to crack the exam.

    >>You need to prepare for the interview even, a good personality with a sound mind should reflect you in order to get selected

    >>in one of the most dignified government officers position

    that's all


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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    Its depends Your Preparation.Many Intelligence already cleared IAS exam by doing preparation of 2-3 moths as previous history.

    Preparation Tips;-

    1. Take frequent short breaks.

    2. Space out your studying so that your long-term memory retains it

    3. Donít try to memorize everything; make sure you understand the material well.

    4. Listen to relaxing music to ease the boredom of studying.

    5. Donít study later than the time you usually go to sleep

    Some Remember Thing for Preparation;-

    ---Read English Newspaper daily

    ----Watch TV news daily

    ---Share new things with others

    ---Read Weekly Magazine

    ----Join a best Coaching Center of IAS exam.

    Best Books for IAS Exam;-

    IAS Prelims/CSAT Civil Services: 18 Years General Studies Topic-Wise Solved Papers(1995-2012)
    Disha Experts
    Publications: Disha Publication

    The Pearson CSAT Manual 2013: Civil Services Aptitude Test for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination
    Edgar Thorpe, Showick Thorpe
    Publisher: Pearson

    UPSC Portal CSAT Comprehensive Manual: IAS Preliminary Examination 2013 (Paper - 2)
    Sachchida Nand Jha

    IAS (Pre.) Solved Papers General Studies wih CSAT 2011 & 2012 (Paper - 1)
    Expert Compilations

    UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam 2011 Syllabus
    Publisher: G. K. Publications Pvt. Ltd

    All the best........................

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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    The IAS is the top administrative service in our country. The UPSC conducts the CSAT examination to select the eligible candidates for IAS, IPS or IFS etc.. According to the IAS toppers and experts, one should study at about 7-8 hours per day.One year before the Preliminary examination is the best time to prepare properly. Besides it, it depends upon your mentality and memory power to catch up the subject matters. All the Best ..... Thanks....

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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    ther is no limit of time for preparation for ias exam . it depend on your will . that how much time you read or preparation for it and how much time you able to study for it .
    after all you have to do other activity like reading news paper , watching news and other activities . for increase your knowledge .
    and the main is prepare your choose subject in ias exam .
    thank .

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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    Hello Friend,
    IAS is simply known as Indian Administrative Service. To become an IAS one can qualifying the entrance exam successfully. The entrance exam is conducted by UPSC once in a year.

    The exam is very competitive. so, it depends on your preparation how to crack the IAS exam.

    Every year many of the students can apply & try their luck but few of them can beat the exam. If you want to prepare for the exam seriously then you must have to work & learn these points :

    1. punctuality
    2.Time management
    3. Focus on the study
    4.Hard work
    5.Be systematic
    6. Reading News papers daily
    7.Reading GK Books, & other competitive books for IAS preparation

    Always remember Hard work is the key of success.
    So, work hard to achieve your goal.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    Dear Aspirant!

    IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) before going to tips you have to be know the exam pattern and Syllabus.

    >>>Examination Pattern:
    1.Preliminary Examination (Objective type) for the selections of Main Examination:

    a) Paper I - (200 marks ) , 2 hrs.
    -Current Events of National and International importance
    -General science
    -Indian and World Geography
    -Indian Polity and Governance
    -General Issues on Environmental Ecology,Bio-Diversity,Climate Change
    -History of India and Indian national Movement

    b)Paper II:200 marks,2 hrs.
    -Inter personnel skills including communication skills
    -Logical reasoning and Analytical ability
    -Decision making and Problem solving
    -General mental ability
    -Basic Numeracy

    Finally , you have to be selected in preliminary test because most of the aspirants disqualifying in Preliminary test only, but also if you are qualifying in only this enables you to get success in mains examination.

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    Re: How much time will be required for IAS preparation?

    more over you will take 1 year for this preparation,
    you also join coaching centre it will help you more ,
    and manage your time , in a day you study moreover 8 hours in a day .
    so, focus on your aim and crack this exam,
    thank you

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