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    How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?
    thank you.

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    Re: How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    first of all collect

    10 years question papers of previous years by from market/downloading throug website (either through upsc official or other sites)

    now DO ANALYSIS HOW much you do without preparation & guess your grey area's.

    As you are in 10 th level you have to cover maths section which generally consists course level upto 10+2 level ,

    so start preparing for your 11th,12 th according to SCRA pattern along with your board pattern . you can do so by
    regularily go to school class clear your every doubt within school premises with concerned teacher ,
    As schooling is main part of day life in india where you spent HALF OF YOUR day time
    better it going WASTE,you will use in right manner.

    SCRA not a tough examination it only checks your basic concept's ,so better to work out on concept besides taking coaching from here & there.

    even if you feel problem then you can either hire or go for some coaching institutes for further study.

    do listen news & read newspaper for latest updates that will helpful in general awareness section.

    take ENGLISH section seriously ,do practices from solved paper of previous year, enchance your vocabulary.

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    Re: How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    you should be a citizen of india and should have minimum 17 years. you can learn through various websites and also training through professionals and also important books refered by your trainers.

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    Re: How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    SCRA( Special Class Railway Apprentice) entrance exam pattern of exam given below

    part:-1- written examination carring 600 marks subjects are given below
    paper 1 General Ability Test(English,General Knowledge,Apptitude)
    paper 2 combine test of ( Physics and Chemistry)
    paper 3 maths section
    part:-2 Those student which are qualified written test can appear in part 2 (personality test)
    Appearing In SCRA

    1.COLLECT OLD QUESTION PAPER Analys the Question paper, And Make Strategy According the Question paper.

    2.GO Through topic wise study(Give the time to topic according to watage and )

    3.Firstly complete all easy topic and give more time to Hard one
    4 Make Revision all topic at the End of the week

    5 chemistry is easy one and physics in average and maths is harder then other, then pay extra attention to maths

    6 For general awareness, read news paper and watch tv news or other weekly magzine .

    7 Read Daily English News Paper, And Watch/listen Program in English AND Make Your Communication Strong.


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    Re: How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    go through ncert pcm 11th n 12th with care! do remember u r basics! revise english grammers nouns , antonyms etc
    revise u r history u studied in lower classes ! do always have information on current affairs of india! revise general knowledge by reading gk books!!!! best of luck!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    dear the way of preparation for every exam is little different but the base is same,
    that is management of time,
    proper time to every subject ,
    more and more practice .
    these things are the keys to success.

    so just manage you time for studies,
    select a time in which you will study only for the preparation of exam,
    then make a time table for that time period and include every subjects in it and give appropriate time to each subjects ,
    solve more and more practice papers .
    good luck

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    Re: How to prepare for SCRA exam after 10th?

    Special Class Railway Apprentice Exam conducted by upsc every year.

    PHYSICS CHEMISTRY MATHS are the main ingredients of the exam.
    so anybody will to appear for this exam should make a healthy command over these subject .
    11th and 12th are base classes for this exam. in these classes you have to work really hard.

    refer the best books of these subjects you can .

    make your self conceptually accurate .

    don't cram anything .

    clear all your doubts form your teacher.

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