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    How should I vary preparation strategies for Preliminary and Mains exam?

    How should I vary preparation strategies for Preliminary and Mains exam?

    thank you..

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    Re: How should I vary preparation strategies for Preliminary and Mains exam?

    Dear if you are preparing for civil service exams then you need to follow the following strategy for exam

    Preliminary exam 2013 : In this test you will have to qualify two papers which would be conducted in objective type pattern and each paper contains 200 marks means you will have to qualify both papers which has 400 marks and if you could not qualify this test then you would not be eligible to apply for mains exam

    >> To prepare for objective type prelims test you need to have more practice because until you will not make a higher and highest speed to solve the questions, you may not get qualified because the questions would be too lengthy and you will get only 2 hours for each paper so that dear everything depends on your speed

    >> To make speed for preliminary exam you should go to coaching institute and ask them for previous years and some model questions papers and set the time in only coaching institute and try to get solved in 2 hours and if the time is going over than your time then your preparation is not good and to fix the time you will have to do hard work

    >> You need to take at least 3 practice sets everyday to make your speed and try to solve them before 2 hours means to solve the model question papers you should not take more than 1:40 hours and if you are taking the same time then you are going good

    >> Do not leave practice after sometime and if you will practice more and more then your speed would be up and fast itself

    >> Find out those topics and that subject which is most tough for you as if you are weak in CSAT then you should purchase at least 2 different publication's books and give more and more time for CSAT

    Mains Exam : If you successfully qualify the preliminary exam then you would be allowed to apply for mains exam and in the mains exam there would not be any objective type question paper means all 9 papers conducted in conventional type pattern and qualifying in each and every single paper is necessary and you would be offered to choose any two subjects for your mains exam and you may choose any two from the following list :

    Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
    Civil Engineering
    Commerce and Accountancy
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medical Science
    Political Science
    Public Administration

    Paper Pattern as :

    Paper I - Any Indian Language from the list of the board
    Paper II - English Language
    Paper III - Essay
    Paper IV and V - General Studies
    Paper VI and VII - Any one selected subject
    Paper VIII and IX - Any one selected subject from the above mentioned list

    All question papers contains 2000 marks total

    To get qualified in mains exam you need to do hard work on that subject which is more tough for you than other subjects as if you are weak in GS then you need to study hard for GS and practice at least 12-14 hours everyday for writing and refine your handwriting and try to write fast everything

    Your answers should be to the point means you should not write the answers if you don't know the answer of any question because it may take you in the negative marking system

    Your answers should be one stop solution means when the authorities of board check it so he/she should be satisfied and to make them satisfied you need to study hard and in depth about that subject

    Try to make good command over each subject which is tough or easy for you because without knowledge and practice you may not get qualified in the prelims or mains exam

    Interview Process : If you will qualify the mains exam also then you would have to face interview process under the UPSC board and it contains 300 marks and so many candidates gets qualified in written exam but when they comes to the interview so that they get failed.

    You should not do it and study everything in depth and collect knowledge as much as possible and to prepare for your interview you should study about your subject from which you have completed your UG or PG and know more about your company if in working and collect some more knowledge about the current highlighted topics which may leave their effect at India

    As for as my views are concerned that you should prepare for your interview under any successful IAS officer if possible because a successful candidate may help you only to get qualified in the interview process

    All the best

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