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    How to start preparation for UPSC exams without leaving job?

    As an employee with 8 year experience, looking to apply for civil service, suggest how to start, I m not in position to leave the job, please guide me

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    Re: How to start preparation for UPSC exams without leaving job?


    Try to extract a minimum of 8 hrs from you daily schedule. Study all the NCERT books of History, Geography, Polity-Constitution, a good daily newspaper to start with. If you are able to this initially, you can go ahead with you preparation. But if you find it difficult, then I am afraid that you are not in a position to turn your dream into a reality. After you you have to loose something to gain something. You need to set your priorities right.


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    Re: How to start preparation for UPSC exams without leaving job?


    If you want to preparation for UPSC exam without leaving job you will have to follow up below points:-

    1. daily give 3-4 hours for your study except time of job.
    2. daily reading newspapers and magazine for GK n current affairs.
    3. doing very hard work n study to take your civil service exam.
    4. should be punctual of timing.
    5. give suggestion n trick from your senior who already doing practice this exam.
    6. give more efforts for your study.

    Jeet Masih

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    Re: How to start preparation for UPSC exams without leaving job?

    Hi friend,

    Well mine friend, first of all please specify which exam you mean as there are many exams condcuted by UPSC.

    Well, if you mean IAS then There are some tips you should consider :

    >> Read Editorial Part of most of the newspapers

    >> Concentrate on GK books like UPKAR,etc

    >> Try to look for Study material of Famous coachings like Rao,etc

    >> Selection of three subjects and pouring nice amount of time on it.

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: How to start preparation for UPSC exams without leaving job?

    Obviously,you can prepare for UPSC Civil Services exams without leaving the job.
    Some Tips :
    -Time management is the key for you.Avoid wastage of time.
    Devote 3-4 hrs time for preparations daily after job hrs.
    -Make a time table and try to follow it.Fix time for newspaper reading,studies,etc.
    -Take advantage of weekly offs, study for long hours on weekends and holidays.
    -Sleep for not more than 6hrs,get up early and try to study in the morning before leaving for work.
    Your mind and body is fresh.After job hrs you will be too tired to concentrate.
    -Do selective studies and focused study is required.Quality of study hrs is more imp. than no.of hrs you study.
    -Refer to only good authors and publishers for study materials.
    -Order a good postal course like Brilliant tutorials,etc if you do not have time for hunting books.
    -Read atleast 2 good newspapers like the hindu,Economic times,etc.
    -Read good magazines like the chronicle,pratiyogita darpan,manorama year book,etc.
    -Clear your basic concepts first and then gain detailed knowledge on each topic.
    -Prepare for CSAT Exam & Mains exams simultaneously.
    -Read the Interviews & experiences of previous toppers of CSE and try to follow tips given by them.

    -Solve previous year question papers and model test Papers

    -For interviews try to develop your personality traits,positive body language,

    communication skills,interpersonal skills,confidence and positive attitude.

    -You can participate in mock group discussions,extempo speeches & interviews.

    -Lastly Work Hard as there is no shorcut to success.Believe in yourself,you can do it.
    Manage stress and keep going.There are many candidates who have cleared CSE while
    doing their jobs.
    Where there is a will there is a Way!

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    Re: How to start preparation for UPSC exams without leaving job?


    To crack the UPSC exam you should do;

    You should schedule time table
    you should spent 4-5 hrs daily at study
    you should read news paper daily
    you should read magazine
    you should read NCERT books
    you should watch news channel daily
    you should solved previous question paper

    Good Luck

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