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    How will be the life of Civil servant?

    How will be the life of Civil servant?
    thank you..

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    Re: How will be the life of Civil servant?

    Civil services is the first choice of any one and life in this sector is much better than other. So if you are thinking to go in this sector then it is so good but you need to do so much of hard work. Because It is a much competative sector and very hard to crack. That means for getting that wonderful like you need to do very hard work. Then you can get that.

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    Re: How will be the life of Civil servant?

    Civil Services ... !!! Have you ever seen a man travelling in "LAAL BATTI" ... thats a kind of life they lead ...

    They have everything which you can think of ... name , money , power , everything....

    Its a dream for a man to be a civil servant .... though the name is like servant but it is really not and the life is like a king ... Its a royal life man ..!!!

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    Re: How will be the life of Civil servant?

    Hello Friend !!

    Indian civil servants includes :

    Administrators of the native states of India

    Administrators of British India who came as servants of the East India Company before the formation of the ICS in 1853

    Members of the former Indian Civil Service (ICS) as well as the superior central and nationalised services in British India, who joined the civil service after 1853.

    Dewans of the former Indian Princely States

    Employees of the Central Civil Services of the present Government of India, and respective Indian state governments including the

    Indian Administrative Service
    Indian Foreign Service
    Indian Police Service
    Indian Revenue Service

    Technocrats and Academic Administrators who have held official positions of the Government of India and the respective state governments of the Indian Union.

    Life of a Civil Servants :

    A civil Servant must know his principles and responsibilities, this is first duty.

    He should be working to implement all the owes which he has given at the time of joining.

    And also one must be ready to serve the people by reaching them.

    One who reach the people then the person can really know the problems of the people.

    Coming to the income, they will get an handsome salaries by the State Govt.

    And also they can avail many Services like Hospitality Services, Railway Services, etc,.

    The hike in the salary will be quite less, due to this many Civil Servants are getting corrupted.

    Remember, Every activity of an Civil Servant is monitored by the members of State Govt.

    Good Luck !!

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