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    Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack UPSC exam?

    hello sir/mam
    is it necessary to join coaching class to crack upsc exam

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    Re: Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack UPSC exam?

    Dear Friend

    YES,it is necessary to join any coaching for UPSC preparation because of the following things:

    >>Coachings provides the proper path to acheive the success in efficeint way .They guide the aspirants to move in a pre determined path that will lead to success in short time.

    >>They give ideas about the paper pattern,syllabus which an inidvidual will find difficult to understand.

    >>When you will perpare yourself ,you will find trouble some in many areas which is removed by coaching centres.

    Note: The most basic thing is that either you go to coachings or prepare yourself ,you have to work very hard for getting acheivement in these examinations because the competition is very tough as the seats are limited and no of aspirants are very large.

    The best coaching institutes for UPSC preparation:


    2.Rao's IAS academy

    3.Chanakya's IAS academy

    4.Vajiram and Ravi IAS academy.

    5.Career launchers

    Eligibility criteria:

    >>Graduation in any stream form a recognised university.

    >>your age should be between 21-30 years.


    Hope the information helps you.

    all the best


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    Re: Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack UPSC exam?

    No dear,

    it is not necessary to join coaching for preparation of any examination.

    if you have confidence that you can prepare for the same at home with your
    study material than you should not to join coaching center .

    coaching is not a necessary part of preparation it is only for extra guidance.

    if you have proper study material and you can manage your time for your study and
    other works than your home is the best place for preparation.

    always remember self study with efforts make you success .
    so no need to join coaching center .

    self study with hard work is better instead of coaching with no hard work....

    so do hard work and get your goal ....................


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    Re: Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack UPSC exam?

    Dear Aspirant

    First of all, I just want to say you that to beat/crack any comptetion, you should need true with yourself with your full of dedication, devotion and confidence.

    You should be proactive, innovator but not an imitator.So, you can survive in any condition, These are basic things which can boost up you during your prepration.

    You also familiar with the thought that self study is the best with proper time management. Since UPSC which offer diversity in carrier, is the most reputed exam and tough also because no. of aspirants are more and everyone has the choice to get top rank, and ranked as IAS is the first choice.

    Every aspirant give their 100% to it, So with all these things you can join a good coaching because where you can assess yourself with regular tests also by performance in class which give shape your prepration of UPSC.

    Some Coaching institue are in delhi :

    Rau's academy

    Chankya IAS

    Carrier launchar

    Shriram coaching etc.

    You should be aware with Eligility criteria and syllabus of UPSC.

    You can get further information by this link :



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    Re: Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack UPSC exam?

    Coaching classes help you in coping with time,skillfull management of your studies ang help you in a better way for learning.Self study is best with such techniques that these coaching classes follow.If you want to take coaching then you can also compete among childrens during test time there.

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    Re: Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack UPSC exam?

    Dear friend,

    The decision depends upon your personal abilities if you are having right guidance and confidence of handling alone then you can avoid coaching classes.

    It is not mandatory or risky to attend coaching classes. first of all everybody cannot afford to take coaching.but if you can afford to take coaching and you are a total fresher and if you are going to write this year then you can join some good centres.

    you can choose to study on your own provided you are willing to work very very hard and be sincere in your studies.

    there are advantages also with coaching like they guide you in a better way,clarify your doubts,suggest good study material etc..

    if can opt out provided you have some body to give direction like your friends,family memners,successful candidates etc.

    it would be best if you can get correct direction from somebody.

    choice is yours.

    all the best

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