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    Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute if I want to become an IES officer?

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    I'm just joining in a b.tech college...I want to become an IES officer. Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute?

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    Re: Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute if I want to become an IES officer?

    Dear presently you are going to join a good college for B.Tech/BE (Engineering/Technology) so your first target should be of completing your graduation successfully without any problem and score more percentage marks in your engineering because when you will study harder to score higher marks then you will be prepared for IES examination itself because nothing is asked from outside of the syllabus of Engineering subject but you should have good proficiency in your specialization subject to get good marks and higher rank at graduate level

    If you are making plan to get admission in any good coaching institute from now so this may effect the study of your graduation because you did not complete a single year of your bachelor's degree so you do not have ideas about how to manage graduation and coaching institute at a time so you should care more for degree and if you will join coaching institute then you will have pressure of study that can not be managed easily by you

    You can handle both institutes at once by following a strategy, you should choose a specialization subject that is available to select as major specialization subject in examination means there are four subjects - Civil Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering available to choose in IES examination and your four papers in exam will be based on any one subject that will be selected by you so you have to keep this subject same as you want to prefer in IES examination.

    You can choose any one of the above mentioned four subjects as the specialization at your graduation then join a good coaching institute and when you will be studied in coaching center for that particular subject so your both exams preparation will be completed easily means you do not need to care more over semester examination because you will start from basic in coaching institute so that basic will be covered same in your semester examination even you have to give some time for graduation exam also so you could easily handle and qualify exam with good marks so this may also be a right way for you

    Most of the coaching centers gives around 6-8 hours everyday for students who prepares for UPSC competitive exams so the better way to join coaching institute after completing graduation or while pursuing final year of degree so you will not have any type of pressure at your study and everything will be administrated comfortably

    I have attached official notification for IES 2013 that will give you complete syllabus so you can match up with B.Tech syllabus and prepare according to that

    All the best

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    Re: Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute if I want to become an IES officer?

    Dear Aspirant

    Coaching becomes important when you don't have anyone who can give you clear concepts of the subjects you have studied.See you have just join the college. In first year of engineerng you will be taught basic sciences like Physics,Chemistry and few basics papers of every engineering papers like Mechanical Engineering,Computer Science & Programming.I have told this because in first don't you think that it will be useless to join coaching institute because you don't know which subjects you have to studied for your branch paper.

    Engineering real studies start from second year where your branch paper starts.You will be taught your enginnering branch paper.Then you need to have to get command over those papers as they will serve as base for you in third year of engineering.So far as I think if you may join coaching in third better.It will be better for you.You will have enough time also for preparation.

    So don't waste your time thinking all of these stuffs.Enjoy your first year of college life and study also but dont miss the college life.It will never come again once you passed first and second year.In third apart from your study you need to focus on yur preparation also.

    All teh best

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    Re: Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute if I want to become an IES officer?

    hey friend,
    You just asking that coaching is necessary or not.
    Then I wanna tell you that nopsss.
    Because every coaching institute student never selected in UPSC exam.
    Only they selected who was prepared .

    So if you are prepared then you can crack easily but if you aren't then you cann't .
    So my side just left this idea and try to go with regular study .
    It is best idea and tiem saver plan.
    I hope it will helpful for you.

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    Re: Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute if I want to become an IES officer?

    Dear friend
    If you are serious about IES exam,then i will suggest you to join in a coaching institute.But You have to remember one thing. Coaching institutes never makes IES officers.They will guide you and give you a platform for preparation.For IES hard work is important.Because the syllubus is vast.
    And also select a good coaching centre.othewise no use.

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    Re: Is it necessary for me to join in a coaching institute if I want to become an IES officer?

    When one has to apppear for any exam it's only that person who has to work hard for it .

    but only hard wok will not lead you to your goal .

    Hard Work in proper direction is very necessary when we talk about such exams like IAS and IES and as such , because of its difficulty level and also because of its limited attempts , age limits , we are bound to acheive our goal in a limited period of time .

    Hence your efforts and hard work should be channelised in a proper direction . And this role is perfectly done by the coaching classes . So you must better join the coaching classes if you are really serious about your goal .

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