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    Which optional subjects to choose for PSC exam being from biotechnology stream?

    can any1 help me with optional subjects for psc exam ? I belong to biotechnology stream.
    thank you.

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    Re: Which optional subjects to choose for PSC exam being from biotechnology stream?


    Public Service Commission exam offers following Optional Subjects:

    List of Optional Subjects:
    1. Bengali
    2. Hindi
    3. Sanskrit
    4. English
    5. Pali
    6. Arabic
    7. Persian
    8. French
    9. Urdu
    10. Comparative Literature
    11. Agriculture
    12. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
    13. Anthropology
    14. Botany
    15. Chemistry
    16. Civil Engineering
    17. Commerce and Accountancy
    18. Computer Science
    19. Economics
    20. Electrical Engineering
    21. Geography
    22. Geology
    23. History
    24. Law
    25. Mathematics
    26. Management
    27. Mechanical Engineering
    28. Medical Science
    29. Philosophy
    30. Physiology
    31. Physics
    32. Political Science
    33. Psychology
    34. Sociology
    35. Statistics
    36. Zoology

    Choice of Optional Subjects:

    You can choose optional subjects based on combinations below:

    i) Bengali/Hindi/Sanskrit/English/Pali/Arabic/Persian/French/Urdu/Comparative Literature (You have to choose only one of those subjects as an optional paper).
    ii) Commerce and Accountancy or Management
    iii) Sociology or Political Science or Anthropology
    iv) Mathematics or Statistics
    v) Agriculture or Botany
    vi) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science or Medical Science or Physiology or Zoology
    vii) Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science
    viii) Geography or Geology
    ix) Philosophy or Psychology


    I would prefer you to choose Agriculture or Botany since you are from Biotechnology stream.

    For more information refer to website:

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