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    Which subjects should I opt for Civil Services Exam being a 4th year Law student?

    hi, i am ivth year law student and wish to know the subjects i should choose for civil services examination. i come from a science background

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    Re: Which subjects should I opt for Civil Services Exam being a 4th year Law student?

    Hello Friend,

    There is a process to choose optionals. You must follow it to get the best ones. Firstly, strike out the subjects from the complete list that you think you can't take in any circumstances. Secondly, go through the syllabus of each of remaining subjects and select the ones that you think you can manage. Thirdly, ask your more than one seniors who have actually given the exam with those subjects. Finally, make the decision about the subjects.

    Mind it, the final decision will be yours and it must be based more on your interest in the subject, availability of good study material, availability of good tutor/guide in case you need some help during your preparation. You can take law as a subject. There is no guarantee that one subject or the other can make you sail through the exam. All the subjects have the history of fetching high scores, so all are equally good. Everything depends on your taste.


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