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    Suggest books, preparation strategies for definite success in IRS exam.

    hi sir
    i must suceed in irs examination can u give suggestions like books preparation e.t.c

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    Re: Suggest books, preparation strategies for definite success in IRS exam.

    Dear IRS Stands for Indian Revenue Service that is the central revenue service of India and IRS Officers are selected through UPSC Indian Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC board once a year in two sections so to become IRS Officer you will have to apply for UPSC Indian Civil Service Examination and qualify all the stages to get job of IRS Officer with high rank

    Books for Preliminary Examination of IRS Exam

    General Studies Books

    DD Basu - Indian Constitution
    PM Bakshi - Indian Polity and Constitution
    Geography by Spectrum
    Khullar - Geography
    Charles Farrow - Indian and World Geography
    School Atlas for Geography of the World
    Bipin Chandra - Indian Modern History
    Romila Thapar - Ancient History and Indian Culture
    AC Banarjee - Modern History of India
    Environment and Ecological Science - NCERT +I and +II Level Books
    Mishra and Puri for Indian Economy
    Indian Economy by Dutt and Sundaram
    Social Welfare Magazine
    India Year Book - 2013
    Competition Wizard

    Books for CSAT - Civil Service Aptitude Test

    TATA Mc Graw Hill - CSAT Book for Indian Civil Service Examination
    Arihant Publication - CSAT Study Guide
    Kalinjar Publication
    UPSC Portal - Sachchidananda Jha
    GK Publication - General Aptitude
    RPH Editorial Board
    RS Agrawal

    I have attached official notification of this examination please download and get complete syllabus for this examination and prepare accordingly

    All the best

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