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    Is there any clear criteria for partially deaf candidates with respect to PH category for UPSC Civil Services Examination?

    Hi All,
    I am partially deaf with disability of 90% in one ear whereas the other ear is working fine.
    Does I fall under the category of Physically handicapped person for UPSC Civil services examination as I do face difficulty in hearing when someone spoke to me on the damaged side of the ear.

    There seems to be no clear cut criteria whether I am under Partially Deaf(PD) category or not.

    Any experts on this forum, kindly help.

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    Re: Is there any clear criteria for partially deaf candidates with respect to PH category for UPSC Civil Services Examination?

    Dear if you have problem in your one side ear so you can not directly claim for upper age relaxation because before coming under Personal With Disability Category of Deaf and Hearing Impaired Section, you have to full fill all following mentioned conditions and if your details and situation found factual according to these norms then you will definitely get relaxation in upper age and also in selection process :

    Definition of Deaf people in case of government recruitment for various posts : The deaf are those persons in who the sense of hearing is non-functional for ordinary purposes of life i.e. total loss of hearing in both ears. They do not hear, understand sounds at all even with amplified speech. Hearing impairment means loss of sixty decibels or more in the better ear in the conversational range of frequencies.

    According to your mentioned condition of your one ear, your no criteria or detail follows these above mentioned conditions so you will not be considered eligible to come under Person With Disability Criteria.

    You are completely able to hear speech and sounds with the help of your one ear because there is no issue or fault in that ear and working properly as a normal person but disable with one ear that does not make you eligible to come under PWD - PH category

    This is the clear criteria from UPSC board for all Deaf and Hearing Impaired candidates that is always followed in exams conducted by UPSC board so you should not worry about it and if you are hard working person and ready to contribute enough time to prepare for examination then you can qualify examination without getting PH quota reservation and relaxation in upper age

    You just have to believe in yourself that you can pass examination and get the job and start going to your goal to achieve that and try to use your intelligence and brilliance because everyone has and you can use this in a right way to get better life in future

    Apply for various exams conducted by UPSC board but before that you have to make your goal for any particular examination means do not need to appear for more exams and if you will prepare for one then you will get the one that is best for you and if you make Indian Civil Service Examination as your target then you can easily pass but you have to be dedicated to the preparation and that practice will make you successful person

    For more and latest updates about various exams of UPSC, you can visit at www.upsc.gov.in

    All the best

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