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    Tips to overcome depression?


    I will get depressed with minor failures, i want tips to overcome depression..


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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?


    Could you please write your symptoms here? Also, if I am not wrong, this is not the forum that has experts in the psychological field. I have done preparation for civil services with Psychology as a subject and based on that knowledge, I strongly advise you to meet a PSYCHOLOGIST for your problem rather than asking persons each having their own theory of Psychology.

    Have you talked to your parents about this? I feel that your social circle is not working. The best way to get out of depression is to talk with your dear and near ones. You might feel hesitant about this because of kind of relations you might be having with them. But these are your own theories of relations. Reach out to your near and dear ones. They will surely understand you and will help you out overcome your psychological problems. Even then, if you feel dejected and depressed, tell your parents or siblings about it and PLEASE CONSULT A PSYCHOLOGIST rather than asking on this forum. Depression is a very very bad disease. Take corrective action before it becomes chronic.


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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?


    If you want to overcome your diperession then you follow the following tips:-

    *Develope Interests

    **Keep Positive

    ***Fix your personal problems

    ****create a positive life

    *****Stop Bad behavior

    ******Be realistic

    *******Become active

    **********Make changes

    ***********Fix your diet

    ****************control your thinking

    thank you.

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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?

    1.The most important step to overcome depression is to make your will-power strong. Just some failures cannot shatter you. Whenever you face any failure, recite the below statement in your mind:
    Failure is the stepping stone to success.

    2. Donot blame your stars for your failure. Instead, think about the cause of failure and remedies to improve it. This will pave the path to success.

    3. Take atleast 8 hours of sleep. If you dont get a sleep; do some physical work and exhaust yourself. You will definitely get a sleep. AVOID SLEEPING PILLS.

    4. Expose yourself to sunlight everyday for atleast 30 minutes.

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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?


    Your question is how to overcome depression.

    Now what according to you is depression,is it a disease like malaria,jaundice,AIDS etc. or is any thing else.If it is a disease then there must be a medical treatment available for it and if it is not a disease then something is wrong with your mindset.Depression is not a disease that you get medication for it,it is a state of mind like happiness or sadness is a state of mind similarly depression is the same.

    you are asking the tips to overcome the depression,well what will be your answer if i ask you that what is the way through which i can get over sadness and what will be the way to get over happiness,the both question sounds so stupid.Dear,depression is like a happiness or sadness it is a feeling but not a disease.

    you try for something and get failed or does not get the desired result out of it,you go in to the depression,this is the only reason for one going to depression,but it is absolutely correct that when one tries for something hard,and does not succeed it makes him sad,there is nothing wrong in being sad,but to live life like that continuously is wrong,It does not matter how big the failure is,you will have to get up and make yourself understand,and to tell you the truth it is you who is going to take yourself out of such state,no body can help you ,the best possible way is to help yourself and then come out of it.

    Remember one thing success is never the parameter for judgement,it is only the dedication,the commitment that make you feel happy,success in real world is for outsider who does not know you well, but for you it is the mindset,the commitment and your dedication is the parameter.You give your 200% for a process,if you succeed good and if you fail then also it is good,as a human being you can only try for something result is never under your control.

    Good Luck.

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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?

    at first understand what is depression.
    as you know understanding of problem is its solution

    to over come depression,

    ---be confident

    --think positive

    --at last,
    think and apply these three words in your life;-


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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?


    depression may arises due to tension in the mind or insecurities or something its keeps on disturbing yo,and you are worried about it.

    so friend better to share this otherwise it will kills you inside.
    if you share may be it wont solve problem but it would have reduce the burden.

    try to concentrate to that work which will makes you happy and make you you busy so that it you will be busy with the work and forget the pain for some times.

    if i am not wrong you might be afraid about the failure.let me tell you,the more you gets fail the more you get the experience and you can bounce against it.


    "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

    if in case you had not succeed then try again.its just a part and parcel of the life.

    good luck

    thank you

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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?

    Hello Dear Dude ..

    Remember one thing

    " LIFE " is a combination of UPS AND DOWNS

    So do not get worried

    simply follow the below procedure

    Get Enough Sleep first

    Have Fun

    Set your self Goals

    Then make exercise

    Read some Pass time books

    Get Outside and get Some Sunshine ...


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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

    I will get depressed with minor failures, i want tips to overcome depression..

    dont be afraid of it.
    BE confident....
    You should not think about the future.......try to improve your present....
    Bset of luck...

    Thank You!

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    Re: Tips to overcome depression?

    Friend, depression is the root cause of many problems in the life. So it is better for you to overcome this problem as early as possible. For this, you should adopt positive thinking. Try to give up negative thinking. Keep faith in God and your hard work, potential, calibre and talent. Generally depression starts in the mind of the person. So it is better to keep your brain cool and calm. For this, perform Yoga & Pranayam daily. Devote some time daily for your hobbies, entertainment. Try to spend some times with your family members, close friends, pets, or you can go to any temple/mosque/church or whatever any religious institution.

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