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    Top 10 best novels or books for getting inspiration towards Civil Services?


    suggest best novels/books for getting inspiration towards civil services?

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    Re: Top 10 best novels or books for getting inspiration towards Civil Services?


    Do you need any inspiration to work for your own country? If you need it, got to Jalianwala Bagh, go to Rajghat, go to India Gate and remember the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives while servicing their great country. Read Gandhiji's talisman that is printed in most of the NCERT books and feel what our Father of Nation wanted to say about the responsibilities of able persons towards the downtrodden and towards one's own country. One's you understand it, you will not need any inspirational books to inspire you.

    The inspiration should come from within to do something for your people, for your country. The fire should burn inside and light the lives of people around you. What are looking in the books that inspire you? Read our struggle for independence and you will understand what it took to gain the independence. That should be your inspiration. Read The Preamble of Our Constitution and try to understand what shape our forefathers wanted to give to this country. That will give you inspiration. Go outside your house on a cold night and look around how many people are living without a decent way of life - that should inspire you to do something for your country.

    Though I might sound like giving a sermon to you but the truth is - Reading novels to get inspiration towards civil services is the worst thing to do.


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