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    In which UPSC exam should I appear to become a Computer Forensic Investigator?

    hello sir/mam
    Which is the UPSC exam that must be written to be eligible to become a Computer Forensic Investigator?

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    Re: In which UPSC exam should I appear to become a Computer Forensic Investigator?

    Dear if you want to become Computer Forensic Investigator then you do not need to appear for any UPSC examination because UPSC does not conduct any examination relating Computer Forensics that is why you should keep this idea out of your mind that you will have to appear for UPSC exam then only you will become Computer Forensic Investigator.

    This is a certification course offered by various reputed institutes on international level and if you complete that course according to the guidelines then you will get that certificate and you will be called computer forensic investigator who works relating various information and computer relating cases and crimes

    There are some certifications available which are following as :

    ISFCE - International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

    IACRB - Information Assurance Certification Review Board

    IACIS - International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists

    Asian School of Cyber Laws

    So you should find such type of good institutes as good as possible and get admission by following proper admission process and start learning and getting more practical knowledge to be expert in this subject because you have to be expert and investigator that is why you have to make yourself perfect for challenges in this stream so do your best when you get admission and become a very good computer forensic investigator

    All the best

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