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    What are the best optionals for biotechnology student in Civils?

    hi sir/mam
    what are the best optionals for a biotec student in civils

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    Re: What are the best optionals for biotechnology student in Civils?

    Dear Aspirant

    Selecting an optional is never easy. You are biotech student you go to upsc websites see the optional papers provided by UPSC.Then choose among them some of the papers which interests you have studied earlier like history,geography in class 9th & 10th.You don't need time for studying those subject whenever you feel free you hold that subject.An adrenaline rush comes to your mind for studying that subject .If that passions is there in you for any subject you can select that as optionals

    But there are sometime you select optional but seeing the vast syllabus you leave it in the middle.Don't do so.You have to keep yourself self motivated.But generally people select high scoring papers like public administration,geography or science subjects but today's scenario your hardwork and own interest will pay as UPSC gives equal opportrunity to everyone

    Also keep in mind your optional has enough study materials available in the market. Before taking decision you do all search to satisfy yourself so that you don't suffer in middle

    All the best

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