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    What does UPSC check in a candidate?

    What does UPSC check from a candidate?
    thank you.

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    Re: What does UPSC check in a candidate?

    Dear, UPSC Checks following points in a Candidate through its Examination and interview:-
    1. General Awareness
    2. IQ
    3. How one can tackle a problem?
    4. How one can make relations with public through Group Discussions
    5. How much he knows about his subjects.
    6. How much one is able to take responsibilities.
    7. how much time one take to solve a problem etc.

    For syllabus and previous year Question Paper you can go for this book:-

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    Re: What does UPSC check in a candidate?


    UPSC conducts many exams throughout the year.

    The Exams which is conducted by the UPSC has three stages:

    STAGE-I : Preliminary exam

    STAGE-II: Main Exam

    STAGE -III : Interview

    in the first stage the basic eligibility of the candidate is checked.
    in second stage the eligibility of the candidate for his course is checked.
    in the third stage the confidence and vocabulary of the candidate is checked.

    So the UPSC exams checked the all properties of the candidates.

    Thank you.......

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