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    What is the nature and duties of a Inspector of Supplies of a particular state?

    What is the nature of duties of a Inspector of supplies of a particular state?

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    Re: What is the nature and duties of a Inspector of Supplies of a particular state?

    Dear there are various grades and ranks under Supply Inspector and duties of all grades are different for some particular works and nature of duties are following :

    Generally we can understand and take a logic about the duties of a supplies inspector that he/she will work for the government under the state government of India and sometimes under the central government

    Second of all Supply Inspector will be focused towards the production, management, supply, storage etc. of food grains and other commodities available in a particular district

    Third of all we can understand that he/she will be responsible to supervise and implement various policies related to food grains of the government

    You can read official duties below :

    * Deputy Director Field : To supervise and coordinate functioning of the district within the devision

    * To conduct departmental enquiries according to the directions and guidelines of the Head Office

    * To form the committee for allotment of fair price shops in district

    * To act as the appellate authority of various cases relating to fair price shops

    * To allot recommend for allotment rice mills for milling of government paddy

    * To carry out inspections and super inspections as the the norms set by the Head and Department

    District Controller Supply Inspector :

    * To implement purchase, storage and transportation of food grains as per the government policy and target

    * To ensure timely allocation availability and distribution of essential commodities in the district

    * To ensure maintenance and safety of food grains during storage and transportation

    * To keep liaison with the consumer affairs court

    * To coordinate with the other department in the district for implementation of various government policies

    Food Supply Officer :

    * To ensure implementation of departmental policies and orders at the sub division level

    Assistant Food Supply Officer :

    * To implement the departmental policies and orders at the block level as per government and instructions of the head office

    * To sign ration cards before releasing it to the beneficiaries.

    Inspector Grade I and II :

    * To ensure implementation of various control orders policies and instructions regarding procurement of grains, storage and transportation, milling of paddy, distribution of essential commodities, maintenance of relevant reports, inspections and any other orders issued time to time

    Analyst :

    * To check and maintain the health of stored food grains

    * To assist the field staff in procuring food grains according to the specification set by the government of India

    * To ensure that food commodities dispense through the public distribution systems are as per given specifications

    All the best

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