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    What is the scope for civil engineering field in the upcoming 10-20 years? Detailed information about IES exam (Civil Engineering)?

    Good morning sir..
    I myself rohamn gajbhie passed 12th in 1st class and took admission in enginnering college branch civil...
    So my quetion is.
    Is there ny scope for civil enginnering in next upcoming
    10-20 years???
    If we had our own 25 arcs land so what benifit we can get in next upcoming years....what is the advantages and dis-advantages??

    After 4 year deegre plan then 2year year M-TECH plan what can i do more after this...
    I want to prepare for UPSC EXAM::
    (IES EXAM) so what can i do for that....
    I want whole information about

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