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    Why dwarf or short heighten students are not eligible for reservation in terms of height like PH students in UPSC exams?

    Respected Sir,
    In IFS exam the minimum height requirement is 163 cms.
    But I have a question that UPSC has given the eligibility to the PH students then why not dwarf or short heighten students. I am not against the PH students eligibility but just thinking about the students those who are short. They also do not want short by their choice, but it is God gifted then why you are keeping them aloof from this prestigious service.
    From my view point, either this eligibility should be removed or the requirement should be decrease so that average number of students can appear for this exam.

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    Re: Why dwarf or short heighten students are not eligible for reservation in terms of height like PH students in UPSC exams?

    Dear for your kind information that - Under Section 33 of the Persons with Disability ( Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act 1995 only such persons will be eligible for reservation who suffer from not less than 40% of relevant disability and are certified by a Medical Board constituted by the Central/ State Government

    There are various categories under PWD as - Visually Impaired, Deaf and Hearing Impaired and Orthopodically Challenged that is why they are under the reservation in everything

    Because a visually impaired candidate can not see anything properly and unable to find himself in peace but a dwarf person can see everything well and do not get any problem related to visuality

    A Deaf and Hearing Impaired candidate can not hear anything properly and have problem in getting the reply of others and sometimes it makes them too worried about their life that we do not have enough abilities to live like others when a dwarf candidate can hear everything properly and understand reply easily of others

    A dumb candidate is unable to express his thoughts through his tongue but a dwarf candidate can make everyone understand whatever he/she wants

    Orthopodically challenged candidates can not either walk properly or work or sit so there are various sections that is why they take the help of wheel chairs, Crutches, Artificial or Duplicate Parts of the body etc. in completing their work and only they can know that what is the actual feeling of being handicapped so they find themselves unable to face others who are good at everything and having a better physique but a dwarf candidate can walk properly, run properly, sit properly, work properly without any support of machines of person

    Finally I would say that you should try to understand feelings of PWD and PH candidates then realize that what are you asking for that means you are taking the right of people who feel compulsion every single time of their life so you should think in deep

    You are also right from one corner that height is god gifted but sometimes it fails because according to the science - Paternal Genes are responsible for the physical structure of human so god is not participating in this matter at all but I would like to support you because you are a dwarf and government should think about them too because they have each and every single ability to fight in competition and prove themselves better than those who are good in physique and height etc. so you should get relaxation in recruitment process

    If you think that eligibility should be modified then this can not because forest service is a sector where a candidate who wants to get job should be fit and active and enough in height and health that is why they recruit only those who are good in everything including knowledge that is why you should understand the situation and rules of the government

    If you want central government job then there are so many sources and ways to get in that - Indian Civil Service Exam, SSC - Combined Graduate Level, Higher Secondary Level Exam, IBPS CWE - Clerk and PO, Railway Assistant Station Master exam etc. so you can appear and there will be no problem in that about height and you will get a very good and powerful job

    All the best

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