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    Will an IES officer get blue batti car?

    is ies officer provide the blue batti car?

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    Re: Will an IES officer get blue batti car?

    No my dear as far as i know , an IES officer doesnt have a blue batti car ....

    But beyond that , he has everything .... and trust me he can buy 10 of these blue batti cars ...!!

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    Re: Will an IES officer get blue batti car?

    DEAR friend

    THE blue battie car is for smaller officers of state level administration.

    The IES OFFICER has much power than state level and get RED battie car for his official tour.

    THE IAS officer also get this although he have more admininstrative power than IES officer.

    THE IES officer has only responsibility related to those sectors in which engineering is involved while IAS officer have to make policy which makes the future of this country.


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