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    Will IES officers get red light car?

    did ies officer get red light car

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    Re: Will IES officers get red light car?

    Dear for your kind information that Indian Engineering Service Examination is under the central government of India and all the candidates qualifies all the stages of the recruitment process are finally selected for job after passing interview process and securing enough qualifying marks that are require and at the last state "PRESIDENT OF INDIA" appoint all those candidates who have qualified in all stages and passed this process successfully and President of India will sign at the certificate and you will get all the facilities that other Central Government Grade I and II Officers get but not from starting because you will be at the junior level

    If you think about the Red Light Car then you are absolutely right that a IES Officer gets red light car with security too because they are special officers of the national government who are responsible to service civilians in various sectors that are - Railways, Road, Defense, Manufacturing, Inspection, Supply, Constructions, Public Works, Power Telecommunications etc.

    Including they will get various facilities as - Bungalow, Security Facilities at House, Travel Expenses etc. so there are so many facilities provided to the IES Officers in India due to being highly reputed in society and your salary structure will be increased with the service period

    If you want all these facilities then remember that only labour and smart work can give you success in this examination otherwise no chance and if you are ready to give more than 15 hours everyday consistently then you will get the success otherwise no chance for anything finally so you should get free from all study and worries and just enter in the preparation of IES with the help of any good coaching institute

    All the best

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