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    Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    thank you..

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    Re: Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    Both of the exams is the based on the +2.
    For both of the exam candidate must have completed the +2 with science subject.
    It is depend on the candidate preparation if the candidate is prepared for the exam then the exam is easily for the candidate otherwise it is difficult for the candidate.
    So when you want to give the paper, preparation of the exam .
    Best of luck for the exam

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    Cool Re: Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    dear aspirant,

    its depend on you if your preparation will be good then any exam will not be tough .

    both exam is tough and both exam you can apply after 12th .

    both conducted by UPSC.


    all the very best dear

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    Re: Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    We are not sure about this because both exams are conducted by UPSC board and the syllabus of these exams there are two subjects similar in the exam which are - General Ability and Mathematics subjects for both exams and in SCRA exam there would be a special paper for Physical Science - Physics and Chemistry Subject and in the NDA exam there would be a part of general knowledge so the syllabus of both exams are same at least 60% so the chances to be tough for exams are low for both and if we compare both exams then you will find out that both exams are 12th based and required same eligibility criteria so the UPSC board will not ask too hard questions from the syllabus means you would face only 12th standard level exam at the NDA phase I and II.

    All the best

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    Re: Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    Hello aspirant
    I do not get it from where you got this idea.
    The written exam of both nda and scra consists questions based on the 12th class level.You need to be through with the +2 and +1 level maths,science,physics,chemisrty and gk to clear these exams.
    For nda the first paper is of Maths in which the +1 and +2 basic maths question are asked and then in Gk !0th level questions with sme current affair questions are asked
    Whereas in scra there is detailed question paper of physics chemistry and maths.
    So you really need to study thoroughly for the scra paper as well as nda to clear the exam and moreover there is a very tough competition in this exam as large number of students take this exam so you will have to score the highest to clear the written.
    you could also check the detailed syllabus by this link
    for nda http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct...695D51kKV0u5ug

    for scra-http://www.jagranjosh.com/articles/u...s-1322218500-1
    good luck

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    Re: Will SCRA exam be tough than NDA exam?

    Dear Friend

    SCRA stands for the Special class Railway apprentice examinations and NDA stands for the National defence academy examinations.Both of the UPSC exams are conducted by the UPSC every year.

    Just looking at the examination pattern of both entrance examinations ,we can judge which one is tough.

    NDA exam pattern:

    SCRA exam pattern

    From my point of view ,The first stage of NDA examinations is a bit easy as compared to the SCRA wrtten test examinations.

    But the second stage of NDA examinations that is Service selection board is tough stage for candidate to compete .

    The general knowledge paper of both examinations are equivalent.

    So ,if it also depends upon preparation and talent .

    Be optimistic,nothing is hard enough ,you have done correct preparation,you will be able to compete.

    hope the information helps you.

    all the best


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