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    Will smokers face rejection in NDA?


    if we are a smoker than can that become a cause for our rejection in nda?

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    Re: Will smokers face rejection in NDA?

    If you are a mild smoker,you may not be rejected.But the medical standards are really strict so if you are a chain smoker you will face rejection after getting insulted.Because in the medical tests,the defence officials both female and male will leave no stone unturned in insulting you if they find fault in you.

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    Re: Will smokers face rejection in NDA?

    Dear if you smoke then there is no problem because Smokers are not rejected by the defense department during the selection procedure means finally accepted by you will be analyzed on the basis of following topics under the Physical and Medical test of this selection procedure

    >> Hight
    >> Chest and Expansion in Chest
    >> Stomach
    >> Weight - According to Age and Hight
    >> Running Efficiency
    >> Weight Lifting Efficiency
    >> Ear - Listening Cavity
    >> Nasal - Stammer
    >> Eye Sight - Near and Distant Vision
    >> Blood Pressure - According to the age

    Dear you should not worry and prepare for upcoming NDA examination and you can apply for upcoming NDA examination between following dates

    Start date for online application - 04-05-2013

    Last date for online application - 03-06-2013

    Date for NDA Examination - 11-08-2013

    All the best

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