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    Will UPSC interview panel allow me to speak in my native language (tamil)?

    basically i am belonged to tamil medium of instruction from primary to my higher education. i can't clearly speak in english. if it so, can i answer for their question in my own mother tongue in the civil service interview.

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    Re: Will UPSC interview panel allow me to speak in my native language (tamil)?

    Dear basically personality test is conducted to test various skills of the candidate - Aptitude, General Studies, Current Affairs, Critical Decision Ability etc. and interview will be conducted by the board for selection decided by central - UPSC board

    All candidates will have to answer questions in required language that is - English Language but if sometimes any person ask in Hindi then you have to answer in Hindi for that question but we have never seen this type of interviews when interviewers asked questions in native language of the state or in any other language excluding to english but do not worry because if you are from Tamil then there will be separate bodies for you to test your proficiency in native language but all questions will be asked in English language only so you have to make good expertise over English language then only you will be able to answer all questions in that language and if you could not perform well in required way then your application may be rejected

    So to become an IAS Officer first of all you should have good proficiency in english language because this will work everywhere so you should give at least 2 hours to learn english language and try to converse only in English with everyone so you could make ti perfect and try to hear speeches and english language songs so you could easily be understandable for various verities of this language and learn modern words that are mostly in use because everything is mandatory to pass interview process so you have to dedicate your all time only for one thing so be aware about your career and learn this language more than required under a proper guidance

    All the best

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    Re: Will UPSC interview panel allow me to speak in my native language (tamil)?

    hello sir,

    well this ain't going to work out because the panel is basically don't understand your language
    and i highly suggest you speak in english as it is the
    LINGUA FRANCE at all

    for your problem in fluency in english i would suggest you follow these instructions

    -----read ample amount of books
    -----increase your vocabulary
    -----get an oxford dictionary and consult when you need to
    -----read newspaper daily mind it...english one
    -----take a good english classes
    -----talk to yourself infront of a mirror in english

    happy to help you...

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    Re: Will UPSC interview panel allow me to speak in my native language (tamil)?

    hey friend,
    you just asking about your language .
    So i wanna tell you that yes, you can .
    But if you wanna become a good IAS officer then you should to prepare in communicate in english with people.
    SO you can become a good IAS officer .
    I hope you understand what i'm saying.

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