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    Right strategy for becoming a good IAS officer?

    hello sir/mam
    i am b.tech 4th yr student ece....i want to become a good ias officer...so wht should be the strategy in order to achieve my goal?

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    Re: Right strategy for becoming a good IAS officer?

    It is nice that you want to become IAS officer.

    You have to apply IAS exam which is conducted by UPSC.

    To become ias Officer, there is three stages;-

    Civil services prelims exam, mains exam and Interview

    Right Strategy for IAS exam;

    >>First try to understand the exam

    >>choose the optionals very carefully

    >>Settle down in some place where you can study without disturbance

    >>Select the best coaching centers

    >>Do no be in a hurry to buy study materials in the market

    >>Establish good relation with your teachers

    >>Remember always that you are going to have a tough period for next two years

    >>Believe strongly that you will clear the exam in the first attempt itself and do not compromise at any stage.

    >>Take care of Your Health

    >>Make writing practice a part of your daily routine.

    >>Do not give the attempt unless you are confident of qualifying for the interview. The first attempt should be the best one, so work hard with determination.

    All the best...........................

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    Re: Right strategy for becoming a good IAS officer?

    Dear friend,

    IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services.

    Its good that you want to become an IAs Officer.

    Its the dream job for many students and its the most prestigious job in todays scenario.

    For achieving this dream you obviously need a good strategy as its not a cakewalk.

    very much competition is there and also its the most toughest exam.

    So you need to work smartly to achieve your dream.

    See you are a last year student so you have minimum 1 year left for your preparation.

    But this 1 year is more than enough to clear the exam.

    See friend If you think you can do the preparation by your own then
    collect a good study material with which you can prepare.

    Or you can also enroll to some correspondence course.

    Joining one good coaching centre can also be a good decision if you feel so.

    They will guide you in right direction.

    Else everything is dependent on your hard work.

    Their study material, test series will help you to differentiate between your strength and weakness.

    Follow some tips:-

    1. Start reading newspapers and magazines. This will make you remain updated with current affairs.

    2. Also watch English News Channels. This will improve your English.

    After all this I would like to remind nothing is more important than hard work . So put your all efforts in this.

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