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    How to crack UPSC SCRA exam?

    How to crack UPSC SCRA exam?
    thank you..

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    Re: How to crack UPSC SCRA exam?

    just manage you time for studies,
    select a time in which you will study only for the preparation of exam,
    then make a time table for that time period and include every subjects in it and give appropriate time to each subjects ,
    solve more and more practice papers .
    good luck

    For any kind of information regarding upsc exams just visit the official website of upsc,

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    Re: How to crack UPSC SCRA exam?

    srca is one of the 12th based exam of upsc.
    for which the applicant need to have passed 12th with at least passing marks having physics chemistry maths as subjects .
    physics chemistry maths are the main ingredients of this exam under upsc .so for the preparation of this exam you need to be a little careful about these exams .so if you are willing to crack this exam then you have to start preparing for it right from your 11th class.a good preparation in advance will pay you off in the exam for sure.from 11th on wards you have to maintain a good command over these subjects .try to understand the concepts of these subjects rather than to memorize them to write in the academics.

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    Re: How to crack UPSC SCRA exam?


    Any exam which you want to crack requires dedication , devotion and confidence.

    SCRA is most reputed one, provide undergaraduate programme.

    it occur in two phases,

    one is written test and other phase is of personality test by interview those who qualified the first phase.

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