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    Review about ExamRace CSAT material for IAS prelims.

    Has anyone explored Examrace CSAT material for IAS prelims
    I have heard some very good reviews on examrace CSAT material, just wanted to know more if anyone has explored the material in more details...

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    Re: Review about ExamRace CSAT material for IAS prelims.

    IAS Prelims exam is very Tough exam. you have to more hard work to crack this exam.

    The following are best Study materials to Crack IAS Prelims exam;-

    )The constitution of India-From publication division(Pocket book)

    2)Introduction to the constitution of India-D.D.Basu

    3)our parliament by-S.C.Kashyap(NB T)

    4)Perspective on the constitution -S.C.Kashyap

    5)Citizens and the Constitution -S.C.Kashyap

    6)Democracy-An Analytical Survey by jean B aechler(NB T)

    7)Democracy in India(NCERT)-prof.Rshidudeen khan(XiiTh Std)

    8)public Administration in India by Padma Ramachandran(NBT)

    All the best...............

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