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    What all UPSC exams can a B.Sc (H) electronics graduate attempt? Are there any specific exams by UPSC exclusively for women? Can I write AFCAAT and CDS exam?

    i am a final year B.Sc.(H) Electronics student from the University of Delhi.
    actually my 3rd year will start after these vacations i.e.from july 22,2013.
    could you please suggest me which all UPSC exams am i eligible to write? i am also interested in taking up the SSC exam. when am i eligible to take the next SSC exam? i'll turn 20 this september.
    Are there any specific govt exams only for women ?
    i do not wish to waste these holidays so please suggest me some books as well !
    could i also write the AFCAT and CDS exams?
    your suggestions would be highly appreciated

    thanks !

    P.S i am a girl in the 3rd year of graduation and want to get employed with the indian government

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