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  1. Can one select any B.Tech subject as optional other than Mechanical, Civil, Electrical for IAS mains exam?
  2. Sample questions with answers of IAS prelims and Mains exam?
  3. Can anyone share notes of Medical science subject of UPSC Mains exam?
  4. Will I get study material for IAS Mains Kannada (Indian Language)? Where can I order books?
  5. Should I take general science in 12th if planning to write MPSC or UPSC exams in future? Any guidance regarding this would be appreciated.
  6. What is the age limit for MPSC exam if my category is NT (Nomadic Tribe)? Where do I stand with other reserved counterparts?
  7. Suitable exam(s) for a B.Sc (IT) graduate in connection with my subject? How to get prepared for the mentioned exam(s)?
  8. Who is the best chief minister of Shimla between Virbhadar and Prem Kumar Dhumal? Explain with valid reason. How to give a diplomatic answer to this question?
  9. Can I apply for MPSC exam being an IT engineer?
  10. What are the advantages for B.Com (regular) students who are planning to appear in IAS entrance exam?
  11. Am I eligible to appear in IAS exam after completing graduation with only 44% marks?
  12. Is there any special reservation quota for muslim graduates in IAS selection process or written exam cutoffs?
  13. What difficulties does engineers face to clear IAS exam?
  14. What are the different short cut ways to prepare for IAS prelims exam (paper I and II)?
  15. Can a person who is studying engineering with plastic technology branch eligible for IAS exam or not?
  16. From where I have to start IAS preparation? I completed M.Phil in Electronics.
  17. What salary does an fresh IPS recruit would get in hand?
  18. My height is 5'3''. Can I become an IAS officer? Is there any condition regarding height?
  19. What other exams should one write (as a part of preparation) while preparing for IAS exam?
  20. 'India after Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha' book worth a reading?
  21. How the questions in general studies will be like? I have intermediate knowledge in it. Will I be able to crack it?
  22. Suggest a preparation strategy/plan for a serious aspirant of IAS exam.
  23. Where the IAS exam will be held? If IAS is a course, what is duration and fee for it?
  24. Are dates of Mains exam this year announced by UPSC?
  25. Preparation strategy for Mains Essay?
  26. For how many vacancies is UPSC conducting IES exam this year? What is the share of General category in the total number of vacancies?
  27. How good is Bhopal for IAS coaching? Does it has good number of coaching institutes with affordable fee structures?
  28. What is the maximum age limit for appearing in IAS preliminary exam? Is it 28 or 30 yrs?
  29. Is it true that a candidate cannot become an IAS officer by choosing commerce stream?
  30. Can a hotel management graduate appear in IPS exam? (or) Should I again do graduation in any other stream to be eligible for IPS exam?
  31. Am I eligible for various UPSC exams like any other student if completed my 12th (Non-Medical) from Punjab School Education Board in private mode?
  32. Is it possible to apply for UPSC exams after completing diploma course in General Nursing & Midwifery?
  33. What facilities does an IES officer get along with salary?
  34. How to get job in Income tax department through UPSC exams?
  35. When is the next SCRA exam?
  36. Previous solved question papers of CMS exam?
  37. Good coaching classes for General Studies in Hyderabad?
  38. Can I go for IAS exams after completing B.Com from School of Open Learning, Delhi University? If yes, what is the percentage required in it?
  39. Am I eligible for IAS entrance exam at the age of 17 yrs?
  40. Completed graduation from US but I'm an Indian citizen. Am I eligible for IAS exams?
  41. Important books for IAS exam (Hindi Medium)?
  42. My date of birth is 23rd August 1981. Can I enroll for IAS entrance exam next year?
  43. What is your opinion on History as optional subject for Mains exam?
  44. While preparing for IAS exam on which factor should we emphasize more? Speed or Accuracy?
  45. What is the procedure to become an ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) in AP (Andhra Pradesh) state? What all exams do I need to write for it?
  46. Do I have to give UPSC exam if want a job in government sector? I am pursuing B.E in ENTC. I am looking for job in a core company.
  47. What UPSC exams are all about?
  48. Maximum age limit (in yrs) to be eligible for UPSC IAS exam?
  49. I dropped two subjects in B.Tech course. Will it affect in selections of UPSC or SSC?
  50. Which subject should I choose for IAS exam being a Horticulture student?
  51. Are undergraduate students eligible for MPSC/UPSC Civil Services Mains examination?
  52. Detailed information about various posts under MPSC and UPSC?
  53. Best optional subject in UPSC Mains exam for Maths Honours graduates?
  54. What facilities does an IAS officer get?
  55. Can anyone attach previous question papers of CAPF exam?
  56. Solved question papers of CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam?
  57. Is there any special IES study material for conventional type exam? Can we find solved previous question papers anywhere in Internet? What are the most important topics to get good score in IES exam? I belong to ECE branch
  58. How many attempts are allowed for NT category students for UPSC exams?
  59. Is maths subject compulsory for IPS or IAS exams?
  60. What is the approximate fee structure for IAS coaching in Allahabad?
  61. Information and syllabus of All India Food Inspector exam conducted by UPSC?
  62. Will I be allowed to give UPSC exam while studying 8th semester of B.Tech? Will there be any need of extra document from college while applying?
  63. How can I join Indian Army having week eyesight?
  64. Where should I get my doubts clarified in the subjects of IAS exam if cannot afford coaching classes?
  65. Is Sri Ram IAS coaching center a good one in the field? What is its history? Any ranker's from them?
  66. Can a color blind candidate apply for IAS exam?
  67. Where should I purchase NCERT books (hard copies)?
  68. What is the subject code of Mechanical engineering in IAS entrance exam?
  69. Essay writing tips? How to be diplomatic while writing essay in competitive exams like Civil Services Exam?
  70. What habits to cultivate in the course of IAS preparation?
  71. What is the pattern of Negative marking in IAS exam (objective type)?
  72. Best sources for thorough IAS preparation?
  73. Best places for IAS coaching in Amritsar, Punjab?
  74. Is degree in correspondence without secondary course valid for IAS exam or not?
  75. What are the major subjects to clear in IAS prelims exam?
  76. Is self study sufficient for IAS (Philosophy) exam?
  77. Which subject do you feel as the most toughest in the prescribed list of optional papers of Mains?
  78. Can a student from remote area able to prepare for IAS exam like any other urban student? Please guide me.
  79. Review about Vision IAS Main test series?
  80. How to open/view the downloaded question papers from official website? Which software do I need to install in my computer?
  81. Am I eligible to become an IAS officer having a tattoo on my Arm?
  82. What is the syllabus of IAS (Management) exam?
  83. Is political science optional subject easy like mathematics optional paper of IAS exam?
  84. Can I write UPSC exams after BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts)?
  85. What is the procedure to become an Income Tax Commissioner?
  86. Best time to start preparation for IES exam?
  87. How can I prepare for IAS exam after M.Pharm?
  88. What all UPSC exams can a B.Sc (H) electronics graduate attempt? Are there any specific exams by UPSC exclusively for women? Can I write AFCAAT and CDS exam?
  89. Can I attempt PSC & UPSC exams while studying MA (Psychology) in distance mode using my B.Sc (Chemistry) as qualification?
  90. What are the exact age limits for UPSC exams?
  91. Is it possible to know my roll number of UPSC CS Prelims (2012)?
  92. Can we go for UPSC exam after completing CA (Chartered Accountancy)? Can it be considered as valid qualification? Is CA equivalent to conventional degree course?
  93. Which branch should I take while joining in engineering course keeping IAS exam in mind? What all branches are having place in the optional list for Mains?
  94. Best coaching classes for IAS preparation in Mumbai? Is coaching alone sufficient to crack IAS exam?
  95. Are there any online preparation sources such as books, question papers etc? How to fill the application form and be ready for the exam?
  96. Required height (in cms) to be eligible for NDA exam?
  97. List the optional subjects of UPSC exam?
  98. How to initiate UPSC preparation? What are the recommended books for initial stages of preparation?
  99. Am I eligible for IAS exam without knowing the result of final semester B.Tech?
  100. Is there any possible way to know the result of UPSC Geologist exam without having admit card?
  101. What is the total cost for joining in IMA (Indian Military Academy) after passing CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam?
  102. Suggest a good GK book for UPSC CMS exam.
  103. What is the difference between NDA and CDS? Through which exam can we easily enter defence services?
  104. Any special age relaxation for railway employees in UPSC exams?
  105. What is the scope for girls in UPSC?
  106. Am I eligible for Combined Defence Services (OTA) after completing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering?
  107. Please attach previous 5 year's question papers of IES (Civil Engineering) exam?
  108. Any official update regarding UPSC CSAT key or wrong questions?
  109. Is it necessary that only extraordinary people have greater chances to become collector? What if someone fails or looses to achieve the desired service (Indian Administrative Service)?
  110. What will happen if I pay NDA II fee using slip generated after part 1 registration as the date now is expired for registrations?
  111. What are the best sources for General studies topics?
  112. Can a B.Tech student become an Air Force officer after getting qualified in CDS exam?
  113. Suggest good coaching centers for IAS preparation in Agra.
  114. Can I become an IPS officer by studying B.Sc (Non Medical) course after completing +2 (Science)?
  115. How reliable is to join GKToday Mains programme?
  116. Am I eligible for UPSC exam after completing graduation through lateral entry scheme in distance mode?
  117. How many optional subjects should be selected in Prelims and Mains exam?
  118. What is the meaning of 'Case Studies'? How are they helpful to crack IES exam?
  119. Can I apply for IES (Indian Engineering Services) exam being an Instrumentation and Control Engineering student?
  120. What are the main subjects upon which we should concentrate to become an IAS officer? What type of questions will be asked in the interview?
  121. How to revise all the topics which were covered in the last couple of months without loosing any topic from memory?
  122. Can I attempt UPSC exams with diploma as qualification?
  123. Suggest some books for English and Reasoning sections of UPSC and SSC exams?
  124. Suggest some good books for English and Reasoning for PSU, SSC and other UPSC exams?
  125. Answer key for CSAT - 13? Can anyone analyse the difficulty level of the paper?
  126. Questions related to hobbies in UPSC interview?
  127. What is the expected cutoff mark of CSAT this year?
  128. How to follow the economic situation of our nation and world which I find very boring and difficult through newspapers?
  129. What is the general duration for IAS coaching in reputed institutes?
  130. What is the fee structure for IAS coaching in Lucknow?
  131. Is 205 marks in CSAT a good score or not? I belong to SC category.
  132. Is the CSAT key which was released by GKToday, wrong?
  133. Does IAS implies collector job? Which one is tougher between IAS (Collector) and IPS?
  134. How to understand our Indian constitution better?
  135. When a bill goes for approval which one has more prominent place between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha? Differentiate parliament, Lok Sabha and Rajya sabha?
  136. How to improve my accuracy in solving aptitude questions?
  137. Is IAS a better option than CS after BBA? Will there be any subject to related to finance in IAS examination?
  138. Generally, how many ambiguous questions can we expect in a typical UPSC question paper?
  139. What is the importance of Arts subjects in IAS exams?
  140. Brief explanation about Deficit Financing policy followed by India?
  141. Last minute preparation tips for UPSC Engineering Services Examination (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)?
  142. How risky is the decision to opt Medical science as optional subject for Mains exam?
  143. Will I get a chance to write Mains exam if expecting to score 220 + marks in CSAT?
  144. Where can we get solved papers of UPSC CPF exam?
  145. How to take calculated risks in highly competitive exams like CSAT?
  146. Is it possible to apply for IAS exam after completing BCA vocational course?
  147. Benefits for IAS and IFS officers? In which service can one get faster promotions?
  148. Which is the most prestigious and powerful job between IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IFS (Indian Foreign Service)?
  149. What should be my preparation plan for IAS Mains (Geography) exam? Recommend few books for the same.
  150. How to deal English preparation of IAS exam?
  151. How good is Raju Singh's Shrishti IAS coaching, Mukherjee Nagar for Mains preparation?
  152. What is the role of IFS (Indian Foreign Services) officer?
  153. My height is 5'5'' and weight is 98 kgs. Am I eligible for IAS exam while pursuing final year Graduation with Business Management, Accountancy, Business Economics as my subjects?
  154. Is Commerce and Accountancy a scoring optional subject for mains or not? Please suggest some reference books for the same.
  155. How important are internships for IAS aspirants?
  156. How many questions should I answer in UPSC interview to ensure selection?
  157. What qualities do we need to develop if want to become an IAS officer in future?
  158. What is anthropology? How is it important for UPSC preparation? My educational background not related to Anthropology. How can I cope with those topics?
  159. What are the must read novels/books by a serious Civil Services aspirant?
  160. What are the most important topics in General studies syllabus of UPSC mains exam?
  161. How to read this book ; Jain and Mathur for World history?
  162. What are the main hurdles for engineer to become an IAS officer?
  163. How should one categorize the syllabus and figure out plan for Mains preparation?
  164. What is the role of IAS officer in Governments administration?
  165. Review about M.E Sharpe's ethics in Public Administration?
  166. Information about Dairy Development Officer and Food Inspector? Which commission conducts recruitment for the mentioned positions?
  167. What was the difficulty level of CSAT exam this year?
  168. Career options through UPSC after B.Com?
  169. Which exam (SSC/UPSC) should I clear to become a Harbour Customs officer?
  170. I have an OBC certificate of Loniya Caste which is in Uttar Pradesh. Can I get age relaxation in SSC and UPSC exams?
  171. Is UPSC CSE syllabus limited to set of topics or not?
  172. How to properly analyse the syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Exam before starting preparation?
  173. Where to find serious Civils aspirants for combined preparation (Online/Offline)?
  174. Will a non-science degree hinder my chances to become an IPS officer?
  175. Are there any good coaching institutes for Civil Services Exam in Nashik, MH?
  176. Can I give UPSC exam with final year BDS exams?
  177. Can we find CrackIAS notes anywhere in internet for soft downloads (e-book)?
  178. Can sentinal piles be a reason for permanent rejection in SSB Medical test of Army?
  179. Please suggest good books for International Relations (Optional subject of UPSC).
  180. Best coaching centers in Hyderabad for UPSC AC (Assistant Commandant) exam? Suggest few good books for the same.
  181. Why girls are not recruited through NDA exam after 12th?
  182. How to improve my knowledge about Economics for General Studies part of IAS exam?
  183. Should we pay any fee for studying in NDA (National Defence Academy) after getting selected through UPSC NDA entrance examination?
  184. What is the procedure to become an Income Tax Commissioner?
  185. Which city is best for IAS coaching between Delhi and Allahabad? I want to do preparation for both IAS and UPPCS exams.
  186. In how many days should a candidate fill the application form after the release of UPSC notification? When is the next notification date?
  187. What is the role of work experience in IAS selection?
  188. What difficulties will I have to face if preparing for IAS exam while studying BA in private mode?
  189. How should I plan my IAS preparation after office hours (9am - 9pm)?
  190. Studying mechanical engineering in SRM University. Will there be any advantages for me in IES exam/selection procedure?
  191. How can an English literature student become an IAS officer? What is the eligibility criteria for it? What should be my strategy to crack IAS exam?
  192. Can a below average student crack this so called toughest exam i.e., IAS (Indian Administrative Services) exam?
  193. Study plan for IPS preparation? What is the syllabus for IPS exam?
  194. Will I be allowed to apply for UPSC exams after completing 3rd year of 5 years LLB course?
  195. Which commission between MPSC and UPSC tests the candidate deeply in terms of subject knowledge and moral values?
  196. Am I eligible to appear in IAS exam after clearing CA exams but without completing B.Com?
  197. Can all graduates apply for UPSC exams?
  198. What if I made mistake while filling NDA Part 1 registration form?
  199. What are my chances to clear UPSC Prelims if expecting to score between 94-96 marks? I belong to SC category.
  200. Can I apply for NDA exam while studying 12th class?
  201. What is the relation between Indian Navy and Merchant Navy jobs? Will they both come under Central services?
  202. Is age criterion same for both IES and IAS exams?
  203. How should I get prepared for Current Affairs section of UPSC exams? Which websites should I follow for current affairs updates while preparing for UPSC exams?
  204. How to check my SCRA exam's result without roll number? I lost my SCRA admit card.
  205. Information about CDS (Combined Defence Services) exam?
  206. Can I appear in UPSC exams after completing B.A from Saurashtra University?
  207. What is the approximate fee structure for UPSC coaching in Orissa?
  208. Am I eligible for Civil Services Prelims exam next year if my date of birth is 05/07/1981? I belong to OBC category
  209. My mother's name is misprinted in ICSE 10th certificate. Can I use the correct spelling while filling Civil Services Prelims application form and produce an affidavit at the time of verification?
  210. Can I apply for Himachal Pradesh Civil Services exam being a non-domicile of Himachal Pradesh?
  211. Will I be eligible for IAS exams with mechanical engineering degree from a Canadian University?
  212. Where can I get the application forms of both IAS and KAS exams? Suggest best study material for the same.
  213. Which subject to choose in graduation in IAS exam point of view?
  214. Can I sit for IAS exams after B.Sc (Hospitality & Hotel Administration in Applied Nutrition)?
  215. What optional subject to choose for IAS Mains exam? I am doing B.Sc (IT), GNIIT from NIIT.
  216. What all subjects will be tested in IAS exams? What are the levels of IAS selection procedure?
  217. Can I apply for IAS exam having scored only 45% marks in Graduation?
  218. Is it compulsory to have knowledge about foreign languages if want to become an Indian Foreign Services officer? What should be my level of english proficiency?
  219. Is the syllabus same for both UPSC ICS and ACS (Assam Civil Services)?
  220. List of subjects that I should opt in BA (graduation) to successfully get through Civil Services?
  221. List of exams that I need to appear to get a government job (Central services)?
  222. How to proceed after 12th for career in combined defence services? Which entrance exam should I clear for the same being a girl?
  223. Can we join CBI, DC or Police department after studying 12th with commerce subjects?
  224. Identify and discuss the role of Subsidiary services in Tourism?
  225. How to enter in CBI Services? Is there any exam which is purely related to law?
  226. How to join in Intelligence services like CBI after completing MCA?
  227. Previous question papers of Judicial Services exams?
  228. Am I eligible for Indian Economic Services exam after completing post graduation in Economics with only 50%?
  229. Model question papers of Statistical Assistant and Assistant director?
  230. How to gain confidence to speak english?
  231. Can I apply for IPS (Indian Police Service) post after completing Hotel Management? Is hotel management a valid graduation course?
  232. What should be my body type if I want to join IPS (Indian Police Service) after graduation?
  233. Am I suitable for IPS post? My height is only 150 cms.
  234. How many marks should be scored in ISS exam to get qualified for next level?
  235. My date of birth is 8th september 1995. Am I eligible for direct SSB recruitment?
  236. What are the various subjects that are included in IAS entrance exams?
  237. Is there any weight-age for Academic scores in the selection process of IAS Officers?
  238. Are pharmacy graduates eligible for IAS exams?
  239. What is the maximum age limit for NT (C) category aspirants in IAS exams?
  240. Syllabus, important dates and reference books for GPSC and UPSC exams?
  241. Can I appear in IAS/UPSC exams while or after completing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering? What benefits will I have over other graduates?
  242. Is Psychology a perfect choice as optional subject for IAS Mains exam for a B.A graduate with Psychology, Economics, English literature as main subjects?
  243. Will I be allowed to enter prestigious NDA after Diploma in engineering? In which institutes does the UPSC exams will be conducted in Mumbai?
  244. List of best MPSC and UPSC coaching classes in Pune?
  245. Best coaching institute for UPSC exam (English medium) in Delhi?
  246. Is degree certificate from an unapproved AICTE college make any difference to my eligibility for UPSC exams?
  247. Tips to get prepared for UPSC CPF AC (Assistant Commandant) Interview?
  248. How many marks should be scored in UPSC Preliminary to get qualified for next level i.e., Mains?
  249. What is the step by step selection procedure for the post of Drug Inspector?
  250. Recommend books for IFoS (Zoology) exam.