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  1. Is public administration subject, a good choice when compared with sociology?
  2. Can I write IAS exam in 2013 at the age of 31 years? I am a railway employee. Can I get age relaxation?
  3. Am I eligible for UPSC/MPSC exams after completing B.E (ETC)?
  4. Is there any other way to appear in UPSC exam without completing graduation?
  5. Can I use calculator in UPSC CSAT exam?
  6. Is it tough for a girl to work in Railway department through IES exam? Let me know everything about IES exam.
  7. Can I write Civil Services Exam after completing graduation from a Foreign University? Is it compulsory to have graduation certificate from a recognized university of India?
  8. Is it a good choice to take political science as optional subject for Mains exam?
  9. How will newspaper notes help in my UPSC preparation?
  10. Can I join CBI through UPSC exams?
  11. Can we use calculator in UPSC CPF exam?
  12. What is your view/stand on Telangana Issue?
  13. Can anyone upload vajiram's GS study material?
  14. Attach question papers of UPSC PT and Mains exam.
  15. How far will online free video tutorials help in my UPSC preparation?
  16. How good is History subject as optional in Mains exam? Can I score good marks by selecting this?
  17. I am a medical student. But don't have complete knowledge on it. Can I dare to take Medical sciences as my optional subject for mains exam? What are the pros and cons of my decision?
  18. Name the best coaching centers in Hyderabad other than Vajiram and Ravi for CSAT preparation?
  19. Need few practice papers for Statics subject (UPSC Mains).
  20. Suggest a good way to learn basic concepts of Economics.
  21. Planning to take anthropology as my optional. Which books to read for it? Suggest the best coaching institutes for this subject.
  22. How to prepare for sociology subject with respect to UPSC mains exam?
  23. What is the difference between 'Staff Council' and 'Joint consultative machinery'?
  24. Which rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam can get me IPS (Indian Police Service)?
  25. Is there any source where I can get Gujarati Edition of Books like Indian Polity by Laxmikanth" & "Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh" for CSE Mains exam? Is there anyone who is writing Mains exam in Gujarati language?
  26. Give all details about UPSC CSM DAF - 2012.
  27. What is the difference between New Public Management (NPM) and New Public Administration (NPA)?
  28. Best coaching institute for CSAT - 2013 (Postal Guidance/Correspondence).
  29. Help me in selecting my second optional subject for Mains exam.
  30. Suggest good online preparation course for CSAT.
  31. What hobbies should I mention in UPSC Interview? List all hobbies which can keep me in safe zone in Interview.
  32. What are the probable UPSC interview questions?
  33. Can an appointed officer again re appear in subsequent Civil Services Exam?
  34. What is the pattern of UPSC SCRA exam?
  35. Do we really need help of coaching institutes for clearing preliminary exam (CSAT)?
  36. Which is the best optional subject between Geography and Anthropology for UPSC mains?
  37. Previous years question papers of Public Administration and Sociology exams.
  38. What is the difference between Nationalized company and Government company?
  39. How to write History answers in Mains exam (Paper 1 and 2)?
  40. From where can I download the e-text books of ICSE 10th class?
  41. Compare NRI, PIO and OCI? What does these actually mean?
  42. Between which age can I give UPSC exam?
  43. How good is Punjabi Literature as optional subject for UPSC mains exam?
  44. Define terms (i) CAG (ii) CGA. What is the difference between them?
  45. What are the pros and cons of Public administration as optional subject? Why most of the aspirants select this subject as their optional paper?
  46. What is the difference between Appropriate account and Finance Account?
  47. Can anybody explain about 'Iron law of Bureaucracy'?
  48. What is meant by Trikalabadhita in Indian Philosophy?
  49. What is the examination code of UPSC NDA & NA 1 exam?
  50. In what order should we fill the state preferences when asked in UPSC application form?
  51. Geography and Public Administration. Is it a good combination for Civil Services Exam?
  52. Upload practice papers of General Studies subject (UPSC CSE Mains).
  53. Can I complete whole syllabus of General studies in 1 month? Is my target reachable?
  54. Help me in choosing the best book for Public Administration subject.
  55. Is T.I.M.E a good coaching institute for CSAT -2013?
  56. Suggest the best coaching institute for Political Science in Delhi.
  57. How to fight depression and mood swings in UPSC mains preparation?
  58. Completed B.Tech with one backlog, but I have taken out that subject in exception. Am I eligible to attempt CSE (Civil Services Exam) or not?
  59. Should I start taking coaching for Civil Services Exam right from 1st year of graduation?
  60. What type of mathematical questions will be asked in CSAT?
  61. Presently working in a software company as a Java developer. Deeply interested to become a Civil Servant. Will it be a good decision to leave my job and sit for UPSC preparation?
  62. Will I be able to become IFS officer after completing Hotel Management course?
  63. What are the essential qualifications to become a police inspector through UPSC?
  64. What are the required qualifications to be eligible for Tehsildaar exam?
  65. I have problem of Eye sight. Am I applicable for CPF (Assistant Commandant) exam?
  66. Is it a good decision to do combined studies for UPSC mains exam?
  67. Which is the best coaching center for Political science in Hyderabad?
  68. How to apply for IFS while studying 4th year B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering?
  69. What are the minimum dental points that I need to possess to be eligible for IFS post?
  70. Can I join NDA (Indian Army) being an 18 year old female?
  71. How to prepare and solve General Intelligence section in UPSC exams?
  72. When will we get the call letter of CDS (I) exam - 2012?
  73. What is the syllabus for MIS coordinator exam?
  74. Am I applicable for MPSC and UPSC exams after completing BBA from Institute of Management and Technical Studies, Delhi?
  75. What are the frequently asked questions in UPSC Interview related to skills and hobbies?
  76. Am I eligible for CMS exam while pursuing Masters in Physiotherapy?
  77. What are the dos and don'ts in UPSC interview?
  78. What special care should be taken for UPSC Mains preparation in contrast with CSAT?
  79. Which authority recruit Drug Inspectors? What is the procedure of it? What is the pay scale for DI?
  80. My date of birth is 22/10/1994. Should I start my preparation for NDA 1 - 2013? Am I eligible for this exam?
  81. Is it true that BCA graduates cannot appear in Civil Services Exam?
  82. Any latest job vacancies by UPSC for Engineers?
  83. I have 36% hearing disability. Will I be allowed to use hearing aid during interview? If yes then should I take permission in advance before my interview? What is the procedure for it?
  84. Can I join NDA with the help of sports quota? I am a national level shooter (Shooting game).
  85. Am I eligible to write IES - 2013 while pursuing final year B.Tech (ECE)?
  86. Share previous papers of CPF assistant Commandant Exam.
  87. Am I eligible to write UPSC examination after completing dual degree (B.Com + BBA)?
  88. Will I be able to become an IPS officer after B.Com?
  89. Can I fill SCRA application form online? What is the date of SCRA exam in 2013? What are the requirements for it? How to pay the exam fee through bank? How many persons will be qualified in it through out the country?
  90. How to get through Civil Services Examination?
  91. I want to write Civils in 2017. With what strategy should I prepare from now?
  92. Which subject should I opt between B.Com and B.A in Degree if I want to write Civils in future?
  93. How to get good rank in Civil Services Examination?
  94. Which engineering branch would be better for my long term goal (Civil Services Examination)?
  95. Am I applicable to write Civil Services Exam after completing degree (Vocational) B.Com in Government College?
  96. Who all are eligible to write Civil Service Exams?
  97. Will there be any chance in mains exam - 2013?
  98. Is sociology a good subject as optional subject for scoring good marks in UPSC mains?
  99. When can we expect the result of NDA 2 exam?
  100. What is the expected cutoff for NDA & NA II -2012?
  101. I am a M.Sc (Chemistry) graduate. Which optional subjects should I choose for UPSC mains? How will it be if I choose chemistry and geography as my optional subjects?
  102. How to prepare for Civils being a student of food science and technology?
  103. Classify Indian public sector jobs according to Group A,B,C,D.
  104. What might be the cutoff for EPFO assistant commissioner exam which was held on 23rd september?
  105. I have scored only 57% in Degree. Am I eligible for Civils or not?
  106. Where can I find Answer key for Assistant Commissioner EPFO exam?
  107. Did UPSC released answer keys of APFC exam which was held on 23-9-12 through its website or not?
  108. I am currently serving Indian Army. My age is 24. Can I write UPSC Civil Services Exam or not?
  109. When and where does the application sale starts for NDA & NA (I) exam -2013?
  110. My date of birth is 8th May 1993. Can I write Civil Services exam -2013?
  111. Furnish the complete details about Indian forest Services.
  112. UPSC Civil Services Exam and Group 1 exams. Are they both same? Bring out the similarities between both of them.
  113. I am starting preparation for UPSC and JPSC. How can I go with it?
  114. Can anyone suggest good IAS coaching centers in Bangalore?
  115. How should I prepare for CDS exam to become an Army officer?
  116. What is the upper age limit for Jammu and Kashmir Aspirants in UPSC IAS exam?
  117. Best coaching institutes for civils in Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijayawada? What type of books should I prefer for Civils preparation?
  118. I have passed B.Sc (Che) + MA (Eng). Which optional papers should I select for Civil Services Exam?
  119. Which optional subjects should I take for UPSC mains exam being a commerce student? Will it be safe to take commerce and accountancy? Will it be good if I take sociology and public administration?
  120. What is the pattern of UPSC assistant Commissioner Provident Fund examination?
  121. When will UPSC conduct Stenographer and Section Officer exam?
  122. My handwriting is not good. Does it affect my Mains exam? Should I improve my handwriting?
  123. What is meant by Prelims, Mains & Interview? What will be asked in Civil Services Exam?
  124. I am a Civil Engineering Graduate. Which optional subjects should I choose for Mains?
  125. How to select optional subjects for UPSC Civil Services Exam?
  126. I have a backlog in one subject of BA. Will I be allowed to write Civil Services Exam?
  127. Civils come under which group among group 1,2,3 & 4 exams? Is civils separate from all other groups? Tell me about Civils Exam pattern & its syllabus.
  128. Passed degree in 3rd class (distance mode). Can I write Civil Services Exam or not?
  129. How many subjects can we choose as optional subjects in Mains exam?
  130. Let me know about Civils. How many categories will be there in Civils? Can I write this exam after completing engineering?
  131. Studying final year B.Tech. List the best books for Civils preparation.
  132. How tough is UPSC Civil Services interview?
  133. What is the difference between B.Tech (Civils) and UPSC (Civils)?
  134. Is it true that students from all domains are eligible for UPSC Civil Services Exam? Are there any exceptions?
  135. What is the difference between UPSC and SSC?
  136. Can I appear in UPSC Entrance exams after completing B.A.M.S?
  137. What is the scope for a girl in NDA?
  138. Are there any mains optional subjects which are related to chemical engineering graduate?
  139. Which optional subject should I choose for Mains exam being a Biotechnology graduate?
  140. Can I apply for CDS (I) in 2013 while pursuing 7th semester B.E?
  141. Can I join Army as an officer through UPSC with 12th as my educational qualification?
  142. How to become an IAS/IPS officer? How much time is required for preparation?
  143. Give all details about non UPSC government jobs like postal department whose selection is not through UPSC?
  144. Are there any graduate level exams which are conducted by UPSC similar to SSC?
  145. Can an electronics and Telecommunication graduate appear in IES exam or not?
  146. What is the difference between district collector and district magistrate?
  147. What is the job profile of Indian Foreign Service Officer?
  148. What is the right way for UPSC preparation? Which books to follow for CSAT and Mains?
  149. I was an accused in a criminal case. Will I be able to give UPSC exams or not?
  150. What is the procedure to apply for UPSC government jobs?
  151. Can I write UPSC Civil Services Exam after doing Ph.D?
  152. I am a national paper of Maharashtra in swimming and water polo. What are the percentage of reservation for sports?
  153. Am I eligible for UPSC exam after completing BCA?
  154. Can we take gap between 2 successive Civils exams or not? If yes then what are the conditions for taking gap?
  155. My date of birth is 04th february 1995. Am I eligible for NDA 2013 exam or not?
  156. How many times does UPSC conduct CPF exam in a year? How should I do my preparation?
  157. Can I get previous question papers for deputy central intelligence exam here in this website?
  158. I am an intern at medical college, Bilaspur. What subjects should I choose for mains exam?
  159. What would be the best subject selection for Arts graduate in IAS mains round?
  160. Can I join IAF (Indian Airforce) through UPSC after my B.Tech?
  161. Will an IES officer get blue batti car?
  162. Where can I get coaching classes for IAS exams in marathi medium?
  163. What is the cutoff mark for SC candidates in CPF exam 2012?
  164. What is the easiest way to get job in Indian Air Force?
  165. Can I give UPSC exam at the age of 35 under general category while serving in Indian Army?
  166. Can I apply for PCS exam while pursuing B.Sc (Chemistry)? My date of birth is 14th July 1983.
  167. How many attempts are allowed for general candidates in IAS exams?
  168. Am I eligible for IES exam being a color blindness affected student?
  169. Can I get a job in Armed forces at the age of 25 yrs? I am a graduate from History (hons). Which post suits me especially in Bihar Police?
  170. What is the syllabus for UPSC optional subject "ecology and environment"?
  171. I am a veterinary science student. Suggest the correct optional subject combination for me.
  172. Which path to follow to get qualified in UPSC exam after B.Pharmacy?
  173. How to know the marks obtained in UPSC Preliminary examination - 2012?
  174. Can I give UPSC exam while doing Articleship?
  175. Is there any relation between KPSC and UPSC? Are rules same for both?
  176. My vision power is -6D (Non-Pathological Myopia). Is there any rule that I cannot wear contact lenses during physical fitness check up for IPS? Will they reject me because my eye power is too high? Can't I just wear contact lenses?
  177. I have backbone (disc) problem. Can I clear UPSC medical exam?
  178. When is the next UPSC assistant programmer exam?
  179. Upto which level of GK questions will UPSC ask in CSAT?
  180. Should I be physically fit to face UPSC CMS (Combined Medical Services) exam?
  181. Exam dates of UPSC Civil Services (Mains) - 2012?
  182. What are the general instructions to the candidates who are appearing in UPSC CSE (Mains) - 2012?
  183. What is the examination code of NDA & NA entrance examination under UPSC 2012? Also, let me know about educational qualification code required for the examination.
  184. What are the top services in the complete list of civil services other than IAS/IPS/IFS.
  185. Is it compulsory to write Civil Services Mains exam even after clearing CSAT with high marks?
  186. Can a B.SC computer science graduate give UPSC exam?
  187. Suggest few good books for geology subject with respect to competitive exams like UPSC and ONGC.
  188. Need solved question paper of UPSC CDS 2 exam.
  189. My date of birth is 10/06/1983. Am I eligible for IAS prelims 2013? I am a female graduate, belong to sadaru community.
  190. Where to download the sample papers of Management subject of UPSC mains?
  191. How to manage my time while preparing for UPSC mains exam? To which subject should I give more priority?
  192. What subject combinations are not allowed by UPSC while choosing mains optional subjects?
  193. Name of best IAS coaching centers in Bangalore?
  194. Which optionals should I choose for mains exam? Suggest a subject which can be studied without any external coaching.
  195. What is the difference among "All India Services", "Group-A" and "Group-B services"?
  196. Can I appear in UPSC exams after completing distance BBA from SMU - DDE?
  197. Am I eligible for Indian Engineering Services exam even with 30% defected left eye with respect to sight?
  198. Give all details regarding customs and excise examination?
  199. I got selected into Railway board secretariat service. Would you suggest me to go with it?
  200. How many months should I prepare for SCRA exams?
  201. Total how many years will it take to complete the whole recruitment procedure of UPSC i.e., CSAT+Mains+ Interview.
  202. What are the major differences between UPSC and GPSC?
  203. Where can I get classroom test series for Assistant Public Provident fund commissioner exam?
  204. Is it true that UPSC CSE exam is conducted only once in every year?
  205. Where to download previous question papers of UPSC Geologist exam?
  206. How to check the status of my submitted UPSC application form?
  207. I belong to sikh community. Can I get any minority reservation benefits in UPSC exams?
  208. When will we get the result of UPSC principal post recruitment of Delhi?
  209. Is there any central government coaching institute for UPSC aspirants?
  210. How good is chemistry subject for Mains exam as an optional subject? I am a M.Sc Chemistry graduate.
  211. Can I opt economics and management as my optional subjects for IAS mains?
  212. On which date SCRA exams are going to be held?
  213. What is CRF stamp? Where can I get it in Sikkim?
  214. Is an electronics student eligible to apply for IES exam? If not who all are eligible?
  215. I completed chemical engineering with 3 backlogs. Can I write UPSC Civil Services Exam to become IAS/IPS officer?
  216. My D.O.B is 02/12/1989. I come under reserve category. Can I join Army through CDS exam at this age?
  217. Can a dentist become an IPS officer? Is my educational qualification sufficient for it?
  218. Am I eligible for UPSC exams after completing my graduation from C.M.J University of Meghalaya?
  219. Being a B.Tech (ECE) graduate can I take Electrical Engineering and Chemistry as my optional subjects for UPSC mains? Will UPSC accept this combination?
  220. Attach previous year's question papers of CPF exam.
  221. I am a resident of Karnataka.Will I be allowed to give UPSC interview in Kannada?
  222. I am a B.Tech drop out. Can I appear in UPSC exam?
  223. List the technical exams conducted by UPSC.
  224. Where can I download previous year papers of UPSC?
  225. Tell all the details about UPSC Civil Services Examination - 2013.
  226. I want to complete B.A Programming and then write UPSC exam. Suppose if I am unable to clear UPSC exam. Will my graduation course support me to survive in this highly competitive world?
  227. What are the tentative dates of UPSC CSE - 2013?
  228. What is the syllabus of UPSC exams for BHMS doctors?
  229. Is there any regional office for UPSC in Gangtok?
  230. Tell about UPSC reserved RT exam. Who all are allowed to write this exam?
  231. Are political science and Hindi literature good for scoring?
  232. When the notification will be unveiled for SCRA exam-2013?
  233. When will UPSC update optional subjects which are same from decades?
  234. Which subjects should a mechanical engineer choose for UPSC Civil Service Examination? List the subjects which are compulsory for that exam? Can I choose any other subject apart from mechanical engineering?
  235. How tough is Combined Medical Services exam?
  236. What is the difference between UPSC Civil Service Exam and UPSC Indian Forest Service Exam?
  237. When to choose our mains optional subjects? After prelims or before prelims?
  238. Need few sample papers of UPSC NDA entrance exam.
  239. Furnish the complete details about UPSC Assistant Provident Fund Exam - 2012.
  240. Knowledged persons please write a review on Climb First Coaching Center.
  241. What is the difference between Acknowledgement card and Admit card?
  242. How was 2012's CSAT question paper? Was that tough?
  243. Can 12th students take part in all UPSC exams?
  244. Can a sports person get some exemption in UPSC exam? What are the requirements for it? Which sport is eligible and at which level?
  245. What is the difference between All India Services and Civil Services?
  246. Tell about UPSC JWM exam. How many times will it be conducted in an academic year?
  247. Who will take care of civil servants like IAS/IPS officers grievances?
  248. I am an Environmental Engineering student. Which optional subjects should I choose for Mains exam?
  249. Is there any latest recruitment from UPSC regarding Geologist vacancies? If yes please furnish the complete details.
  250. What is meant by Central Armed Police Forces?